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    Hello how are you?

    Hello, hello!
    Well hurry up then to the quiz!
    Oh hello there!

    Favourite color?

    Hot pink
    Dark blue
    Cyan/Blue-ish green

    Favourite kind of pet?


    How do you describe yourself in one word?


    Enough small talk, so if your crush talked to you how would you react?

    Talk a bit harsh due to being shy. Instantly regret afterwards.
    Cheerfully talk about whatever they came to talk to you about.
    Too shy to answer so you keep quiet.
    Only talk when needed during the conversation.

    What if your crush started to date someone who is not you?

    Be devastated, act as if it doesn't hurt you but be really hurt for a long time.
    Cry to yourself, be down for a long while.
    Plot to get them to break up.
    Ruin both of their lives any way you.
    Be down for awhile but it won't get you down for too long.
    It hurts, but you would move on rather soon.

    What if you confessed and they rejected you?

    Laugh and play it cool by saying if they thought you wer serious. Be hurt afterwards.
    Accept the rejection, and move on.
    Be shocked, but then try to play it as a joke.
    Be a bit dishearted, but smile and move on. At least you told them.
    Physically harm them, vowing to make them regret ever rejecting you.
    You would be devastated, you wouldn't be able to really get over them,
    Play it cool, just nod then go home. Cry for a bit afterwards, moving on slowly.

    What if they asked you out?

    I would accept, it's not like I don't like them.
    Accept cheerfully, since I'll make sure it'll work out between us.
    Happily accept.
    Nod to accept the confession. It's just a confession to go out, it's not that big of a deal.
    I would accept, they better treat me above all else!
    I would only accept if they agreed to treat me like royalty.
    Just nod, I'm too shy to answer!
    Accept nonchalant, acting as if it didn't really excite me even if I was really happy.
    Casually accept even if you were waiting for this moment for a long time.
    Scoff at them, not taking it seriously but accept it anyways,

    What would you do if they cheated on you?

    Be really hurt and force them to make it up to you big time!
    Make the one who took their attention from you pay big time, even if it means blackmailing or worse. You'll never make either forget it!
    Be hurt, but forgive them since they chose you.
    Be really hurt, slightly close yourself off from them for a bit.
    Be really hurt, you still like them so you'll forgive them,
    Be uncertain of the relationship, but would forgive them.
    Break off the relationship, as you do not think it'll work out after the betrayal.
    Secretly hurt them, but stay with them since you really like them.

    What would you do if they chose to break up with you?

    I would make a big scene, and make it look like I broke up with them!
    I wouldn't know what I would do. Love is a scary thing.
    Be heartbroken, but get right back up since hey at least I had fun!
    Accept it and move on. But your heart will be closed off for a long time.
    Turn it around and break up with them yourself.
    Make a huge scene and storm off, your hurt but your pride was hurt just then!
    Quietly accept it, leaving quickly only to cry to your best friend.
    Accept it casually, leaven to be alone and just think about your time with them.
    Smile and accept it, even if you don't accept it and that you won't be able to get over it.
    Cuss them out, and leave in a rage. Destroy every memory you had with them.

    What's most important to you?

    Try to be truthful.
    Be with the one I love.
    Have fun.
    Being alone.
    Being in charge.
    Getting even.

    Favourite season?

    I don't really care.

    An ideal date?

    Going out shopping (clothes, trying out food, games, stores stuff etc).
    Amusement park!
    A night in watching movies.
    Going to book stores.
    A picnic or a day out.
    Go watch a movie in a theatre. He/she treats me!

    Okay one last romance question! What would you do if your crush kissed you at random before either of you confessed?

    Smack him! That was uncalled for!
    Happily accept it.
    Laugh it off.
    Make him/her beg for forgiveness!
    Shake it off, not as if it meant anything right?
    Get angry and complain about it until they say sorry.
    Brush it off only to get totally flustered afterward and think about it for awhile. You can't look them in the eye afterwards.
    Be quiet trying to play it cool, sadly your too embarrassed to look them in the eye.
    Smile and accept it, but laugh it off.
    Make them regret kissing you without prior consent!

    Well see you later then!

    See ya.
    I blessed you with my presence, good day!
    See you later then.
    Yeah see you whenever.

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