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    How do you normally act?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    Cheerful but childish, but you can count on me to save the day~!
    I`m a tough chick, but I`m still pretty girly...
    I`m not brave, but I can be great help! I look up to my idol and hope to be like him/her!
    Grouchy, fat, but AWESOME. And sometimes nice.
    I`m nice to everyone, I`m pretty popular, but I`m quite humble about it. I`m not too strong though...
    I`m loud and cheerful, some people call me annoying. But I`m just trying to help! ^^;'
    I used to be mean, but I became more nice. I like to explore and save what I love.
    I`m skinny, hot tempered, likes to cheat but I'm #1.
    I love to eat everything, I`m humble and heroic, and my stomach is full of food~! Eating makes me very happy~
    I`m greedy, but well known-ish. I`m fat and a tad ugly, but I`m a funny person...

    What do you like to eat?

    Cake and mushrooms.
    Cake, mushrooms and steak.
    I`m normally the one who cooks, but I love a fancy meal!
    Garlic anything.
    I don't know, but I have a tennis racket.
    I`ll tell you I DON'T LIKE MAC 'N CHEESE!
    Drum sticks, really anything meat..
    I don`t eat a whole lot...

    What are your hobbies?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 4 answers)
    Getting money and exercising so I`m strong!
    Playing sports, AND DANCING~
    Being as helpful as I can!
    Bullying people, and stealing.
    Playing tennis and relaxing.
    Eating, jumping, andhelping the hero~!
    Going throughout the wilderness, it's fun!
    Baking ^_^ I`m really good at it! Also sports!
    Saving the hero, relaxing at home, writing in diary, just being me~
    Jumping, eating, saving, helping, sports, the list goes on~!

    It's King Boo! He's coming towards you! What is he planning on?!

    I have no idea.
    To hurt my pals! I`ll protect them!
    To kidnap me! Waaah!
    To fight, so I can save my pal/bro/sis/whatever.
    To team up with me.
    *Cries and screams in a corner* PLEASE DON`T HURT ME!
    Imma show him who's boss around these parts! kill me?
    I`m not sure, maybe he wants a cake ^_^!

    What do you think of Toad?

    He's quite helpful~!
    He kind of annoying and whiny, but he's still okay.
    He's a great character!
    I don`t pay to much time on him so, I dunno.
    Meh...he's 3rd and 4th player...
    That loser? Hah! I can kill him in my sleep! He's so weak and stupid!
    I`m too good to pay time on THAT THING.
    He's my favorite Mario character!
    That guy is so annoying! That annoying voice! He has nothing helpful to say! All he does is get scared and whine! And he's even more annoying for making he go to a differ castle!
    I prefer Toadette.

    In speed, defense, and attack, what do you think is your best?

    Speed, but I`m not really a fighter.
    Speed, but I`m also a great fighter!
    Speed, but I have a tennis racket.
    Defense, I`m a greedy attacker WA HAH HAH!
    Speed. I`m not that good at attacking and shielding.
    Attack, duh. I`m so buff!
    Defense, how do you think I never get attacked?

    What about second best?

    Attack ,I`m always gettng kidnapped XC
    Attack, I`m one buff ape!
    Attack,duh I`m a buff guy!
    I`m the middle with attack and defense.
    I`m a bad fighter, speed my only good thing...
    Defense, I`m really slow though.
    *Got distracted* huh, what?
    I`m good at defense!

    Have you done anything EVIL? *DUN DUN DUN*

    Nope! I`m a good person!
    Doesn`t everyone do this at one point?
    Not really, expect that one time when that guy...
    I dunno, I don`t care.
    No idea.
    Duh, I do it a bunch. But every once and a while I'll be good.
    Yeah, because I'm #1!
    NO! NO! I CAN PROVE IT! SEE? *shows crime record* SEE?!
    All the time!
    Does I look like I even care?

    Why do you think there is so many questions O_o...

    Cause it`ll make it easier to find out who we are!
    Um...I dunno?
    To...see my results?
    Cause you feel like it.
    I don`t honestly care.
    Seriously, who cares!
    This is way too long.
    Um..because...uh...well....its at the tip of my teeth...
    Because you're a poor excuse for a human (that wasn`t very nice...:< ).
    Because you're awesome like that!

    A guy bumps into while your walking! What do you do?

    Keep walking, it was most likely a mistake ^_^.
    OW! Just wait till my big bro tells you!
    Try to say as nice as possible that he/she was rude.
    Eat him?
    Steal his wallet while he's not looking!
    Yell at him!
    Beat him with my tennis racket.
    *Taunt him, make him feel scared, and knock him out! That`ll be the last time he bumped into ME!
    I`ll grunt in annoyance, but go on.

    You awake in a weird planet which has space bunnies who would like you to play hide and seek with em. Whats your reaction to this place?

    Play with them, but make them tell him where he is if I win!
    Question what they are, where is he whats going on, etc.
    Looks around the place and ignore them.
    Eat the bunnies.
    Steal the bunnies money.
    Demand answer and if they don`t reply fast enough beat them up.
    Look around, ask where they are, play with them... the basics.

    What are you normally nick-named?

    The hero!
    The sidekick.
    The popular girls Bff.
    The villain.
    The annoying one.
    The popular girl.
    The stinky one.
    The hot tempered one.
    The greedy one.
    The always hungry one.

    Do you normally get along with everyone?

    Yep! Most people are my friends, even the bad guys every once and a while!
    Not to many, most people forget my name.
    Yep, all the boys want me~!
    It's a average amount.
    I have tons and tons of pals, but I`m very humble about it.
    Who needs allies when you got the MOO-LA?
    Only one *forever alone*.
    No...*even more forever alone*
    Only my siblings get along with me.
    What, you expect me to count how many friends I have?!

    Whats your favorite color?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    Its hard to pick....
    Yellow! WAH HAH HAH.
    I don`t really care...
    Who cares about color when you got personality?

    Why are you taking this quiz?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    To find out what Mario character I am of course~
    I felt like it.
    I was browsing when I came across this! I just had to try it out.
    I don`t remember....
    I thought it would be fun.
    It sounded okay, but really its stupid.
    Because I got a tennis racket...
    Um....I don`t quite remember looked okay though.
    Heck if I know! I hate this quiz!
    Found it online.

    Bowser suddenly busted into the castle! What do you do?

    Stop him before he steals anything!
    Support whoever is attacking Bowser.
    Run in fear!
    Use my strong ability to break him apart!
    Try to eat him!
    Steal his money.
    Scream at him then run in fear.
    Ask him some questions *crackles fist*

    We are close to the end how do you feel?

    Well this was fun!
    Okay, I didn`t hate it, but I took way better.
    I liked it just fine.
    I feel the same as when I started.
    Kinda happy.

    What's (or want to be) your catchphrase?

    Ista me!
    Okey Dokey...
    I don`t want or have one.
    My catch phrase is me just laughing.
    TOO BAD (your name) TIME! I'M NUMBER ONE!
    I`m trying to make one.
    HI I~M (your name).

    What do you think of Luigi?

    I like him just fine.
    He's player 1!
    I`m not sure what to think of him.
    He's my 2nd favorite!
    He's player two.
    Player 4, he's player 4.
    He can be annoying, but I still enjoy the character.
    That guy is so annoying! He's always scared! Geez calm down scared cat!
    I couple him with a certain orange princess. ;)

    It's the end of the quiz! What are you going to do?

    See my results silly!
    What does it look like I`m gonna do?
    Think on what my answer is, and press the button.
    Sleep, I`m quite tired.
    Well, this is too long! At least I`ll be able to see my results.
    What answer? I don`t remember that!
    I heard if I press "ask Guru", I`ll become a monkey....
    Go take another quiz that is actually worth my time.
    I already know what I have I don`t need YOU.
    Go eat :3

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