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    Hello. Now for our first question. How many friends do you have?

    First, you have to define what are "friends".
    A few close friends.
    I have good relationships with almost everyone but I have my group of close friends.
    Everyone is my friend.

    In which group is your favorite subject?

    English/Other Langages/Philosophy/History
    Physical Education
    I hate class.

    How would you describe yourself?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 4 answers)

    Rate your physical strength:

    Strong. I see power!
    Won't go down without a fight.
    Poor cuz' I hate push ups.
    My absolute rule is to avoid fighting.

    Rate your mental strength:

    Impenetrable fortress. My past forms a barrier this strong.
    Won't go down without a fight.
    Easily tormented.
    Very weak.

    Have you ever though that this world sucks?

    Yes, I barely committed something awful.
    No, this world is wonderful!

    How lucky are you?

    Won the lottery!
    Normal. I don't consider myself either unlucky or lucky.
    Too poor. Save me!
    I don't abide by such things.

    How would you react to bullying?

    I can't get bullied. (either Stealth skill or Popularity skill or Strength skill too high)
    I do the bullying.
    Interpret it as if it were a joke. Or take it head on.
    Break under the pressure.

    If you could save up to a 100 person you knew from imminent death who would you save?

    Are my enemies included?
    Everyone. I mean it.
    Only people close to me.
    As if that would ever happen.

    Thanks for taking the quiz. This is the last question. Do you like kind people?

    Yes, they are the good in this world.
    They should keep their pity for themselves!

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