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    Ok. Let's start from simple question. How are you?

    I'm good, thank you. :)
    I'm a little overworked at the moment...
    A little too stressed for my liking, but I'm fine, I guess.
    Uhh... well... I'm surely not ok right now.

    Now to more specified questions... How do you feel about Sybil System?

    I think such a system is a great idea. Thanks to it, people would lead more peaceful and happier lives than they do now.
    I'd like it to be real, because my life would be easier with it.
    I'm neutral towards it. I just don't know how to assess it.
    One would say, such a system would make people's lives easier and safer, but I think that it would also block their creativity and kind of take their freedom away, so I'm not sure on which side should I stand.
    Sybil is a bad idea. Simply because it takes humans' freedom and deviate their way of defining good and bad. If it was created, I wouldn't really want to listen to it.
    The system should never be made, because it's just not right. I think, the best system possible is the one we have now - where WE make all decisions, including those of defining good and bad.

    Do you think, that it's easy for you to make friends or enemies?

    I make friends easily and have many of them. I don't think, I have any enemies.
    I don't have problems with associating, but I don't feel need to have dozens of friends. I don't know if I have many or any enemies, but I might made some on my way...
    I don't have problems with associating, but I don't need many friends. I do my best to have no enemies though.
    I don't have many friends, but I have quite some enemies.
    I've never actually met a person that I felt, I could freely call my real friend, but I'm not asocial. I'm aware though that some people don't really like me. I may or may not consider them my enemies.
    I have problems with making friends, simply because I don't know how to approach people the right way. Because of that I might have made some enemies in my life...
    I'm quite a silent and shy person, which just watches people from distance for most of the time. Because of that I find it difficult to make friends, but I don't really have enemies either.

    How often do you feel depressed?

    Never. I'm a happy person.
    Very often
    All the time

    Would you kill to get what you want or to save yourself..?

    Yes. Both.
    Only if it was the only possibility for me to survive.
    I don't know. I don't think that I'm capable of killing anyone
    Maybe, but I'm not sure.

    How do you feel about very talkative people?

    They're annoying.
    They piss me off.
    I'm one of those talkative people!
    They're just normal people, that seek a little more attention than they probably should and that need to be listened to.
    I tolerate them, although I'm not fond of them.
    I like listening to them (at least at times), their stories, real or not, can be interesting.
    They have no real values to take care of, if they're babbling this much.

    What do you enjoy most about your favorite book, film or series?

    The complexity of the characters and the well-written plot.
    Trying to predict what happens next.
    How easily you get immersed into the world.
    How on edge it keeps you, even if you know the end.

    If you were placed upon decision of protecting your country and law or to flee, what would you chose?

    I would ran away, without looking back at either the country or my so called close ones.
    I would stay and fight for my homeland. It's a matter of honor!
    I would stay and fight to protect those important to me.
    I would ran away, taking my close ones at the first occasion.

    What are your thoughts about rules?

    I don't really have thoughts about them, I just obey them.
    Rules exist for the purpose of breaking them.
    If the rules are logical, I follow them, if they're not, I break them.
    Rules are necessary to make a happy society

    Would you give up your life for some kind of beautiful (or not) idea..?

    Maybe. It depends on what would be this idea.
    I don't think so, but it's not impossible either.
    No chance.

    Is it easy to make you angry?

    Very easy. I can get angered by simplest things.
    No. It's truth that I'm quite easy to irritate, but it's nearly impossible to actually tick me off.
    No. I have a high tolerance for the so called "annoying" things.
    I don't know... I've never been truly angered though. (although I've might been annoyed on some situations).

    How do you deal with your problems?

    I ask my family and/or friends for help. This way, we'd get rid of this problem quicker and easier.
    Most of the time, I deal with the problems myself. When it's something big though, I ask my close ones for their assistance.
    I solve my problems myself. There's no need to worry others.
    I solve my problems myself. I don't like it when someone else stick their noses in my life.

    Are you a good actor/liar?

    I think so. At least I don't have problems with smooth lying.
    I can easily trick other people in believing I'm someone other than their thought or make them believe, I'm telling truth when I'm not.
    No. I'm a person who feels bad about deceiving people and I just couldn't lie to them (unless the truth will hurt others).
    No. I've never managed to fool anyone, even if I tried.

    Are you easy to deceive?

    No, I can easily foresee other people's actions.
    No, but it's not impossible to fool me.
    I don't know. I've never met a person who tried to deceive me.
    Unfortunately, I trust people a little too much.
    Yeah, I don't know how to keep myself safe from other people's lies, even if I don't trust them.

    What type of person do you think you are?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    The silent observant type.
    A person who likes getting in other people's plans/lives.
    A chatty and friendly person.
    Someone who doesn't fear fighting for their rights.
    Someone who tries their best to be perfect in everything.
    A person that can easily adapt to and deal with every kind of situation.
    I'm not sure myself.
    A perfect citizen.
    I don't know. I just do my best to be myself.
    I may be kind of a troublemaker...

    Do you think of yourself as talented?


    Are you a type of person that seeks revenge?

    I'm very vindictive - so much, I'm sometimes scared of myself.
    Well... yeah. But I try to not let the vengeance take over my mind and actions.
    No. I forgive people easily and forget bad things, they did to me.
    I may be a little vindictive, but I can forgive too.

    How would you act and feel if you were kidnapped and someone threatened your life?

    I would keep my cool and try to negotiate with them, so there would exist a chance for me to get free.
    If I knew that I would be rescued earlier or later and if this bad person enjoyed others fear or would be entertained if someone kept their cool (it's easy to deduct it thanks to observation), I would act so that they would be kept entertained.
    I would attack this person. It's well known that killing in defense wouldn't cloud your Psycho Pass.
    At first I would act like I'm useless and can't do anything about the situation, but secretly, I would look for way out and escape at some point. Then I would notice police about this (or notice them while I'd be still in danger)
    I don't know, I would probably be too scared to try something.

    This question is the last one. Have any tragedy happened in your past?

    Yes. Actually, it was just recently...
    Yes, but it was long ago, so I moved on.
    No, I've never had situation like this.
    One could say that, but I don't consider that situation as tragedy.

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