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    Your friends decide that they want to perform a charm called the Sachiko Ever After charm. They found it on a blog they really like. You:

    Go along with it while getting a bad feeling.
    Are the one who brought it up
    OH HELL NO! *runs away*

    You do the charm and you're transported to a strange place resembling a run-down school. The first thing you do is:

    Freak out, "Where am I?!" (A place called Heavenly Host Elementary. -_-)
    Look around for a friend.
    Begin exploring.
    *never did the charm so...*

    You find one of your friends while wandering about. They appear to be hurt, but not too badly. You:

    Help them as best you can and take them with you.
    Hug them, This is a scary place, at least you're not alone anymore.
    Leave them. If it's not that bad they can help theirself. (You're so cruel. T-T)
    ..."Do I even have to answer?" (Yes, even though you aren't there.)

    You come across a dead body. There is a spirit floating nearby. You:

    Cry/scream and run. You can't take much more of this!
    Meh, it's just a body. (O_o)
    Ask the spirit some questions to learn about your situation.
    *Still not there.* (Just click the last one for all of them why don't ya?)

    You explore some more of the place and find an infirmary. The door is open and your friend isn't looking too good. You:

    Decide to stop and rest in there for a moment, but leave quickly when you feel a presence in there.
    Get a few supplies, but leave quickly. There's something in there! You can feel it!
    My friend? Oh, if they want to rest, that's fine, I'll just explore some more.

    While you're wandering around, you see the spirit of a small child. They look friendly enough. You:

    Run away, there's something not quite right with them.
    Decide to talk to them, they can't be all that bad, right?
    Who cares? Is that a weapon I can use? Too bad it's stuck in that body. (-_- I worry for you...)

    The spirit noticed you! It has a pair of large scissors in it's hands and it moves to attack you! You have to act fast! You:

    Go for the nearest weapon and defend yourself.
    Run! Run as fast as you possibly can! (Gotta go fast...)
    Have already run to safety.
    ...(...How are you?)

    Somehow, you got away. Now you're in a new room. There's a TV, a table and a closet. The room seems safe. You:

    Rest, but keep one eye open. Anything could happen now!
    Pass out. Finally, somewhere safe!
    Move along. Nothing to see here.
    ...(Me? I'm fine.)

    An earthquake erupts around you! You have to do something! Quick!

    Hide under the table!
    Try for the closet! When that doesn't work, under the table!
    Try to stay steady as you find cover.

    The earthquake has stopped. Now you have to move out and find your other friends. You:

    Don't move for a minute until you notice a dead body, then you run.
    Carefully walk out.
    Look around. Was that door always there?
    ... (Bored yet? Well you should have gone in.)

    Good news! You're friends are alive, and have finally caught up with you.

    Oh good. I found this notebook in the other room when I was leaving. It told me a way to get out. (Oh, good for you! If only it were that easy in the game..)
    Ran into them. Literally. I'm so happy they're alive.
    Screw that! I found a door! I wonder what's inside...
    ... (You could have at least tried...Right? I mean, sure, you won't die a horribly gruesome death, but now you have nothing to do.)

    Now it's time to face the boss! Are you ready?

    Yup! We can do this!
    I think so... Was there anything I needed for this?
    I went through that door I found. Forget the boss for now.
    ... (...At least it's almost over. Now you don't have to worry...Couldn't even try it?)

    It's all over now. So, how are you doing?

    Alright, I guess
    What was behind that door?
    I'm bored. (Well you're the one that didn't go in!)

    Did you live?

    Of course I did.
    I think so...
    WHAT WAS BEHIND THAT DOOR ?! (Chill! You're starting to scare me...)
    ...Really? (It was just for the others! Don't bite my head off!)

    Well, what did you think? Did you like it? Hate it? (Don't hate, this is my first quiz.)

    I thought it was good.
    Just give me the result!
    ... (Are you mad at me or something?!)
    -Clicks ask guru-

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