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    What do you value most?

    My Friends
    My Family
    Truth and Justice
    My Internet Reputation

    What do you prefer to spend your free time doing?

    Hanging out with my Friends
    Spending time with my family.
    My hobby.
    The Internet, or other sorts of entertainment alike.
    Spending it with my significant other.

    What kind of endings do you prefer?

    To be continued...

    Do you spend more time with others, than by yourself?

    I Spend more time with others, than by myself.
    No, I spend more time by myself.
    I'd say I spend equally as much with others, as by myself.

    If the most important person or people were about to be killed, would you save them at the risk of your own life?

    Yes I would, anything is worth saving them.
    I would save anybody at the risk of my own life.
    No, I would not Risk my own life to save them.
    Nothing is worth more than my own life.
    I would find a way, so that this NEVER happens.

    Would you choose saving the most important person or people to you, over saving the world?

    Yes, the world isn't worth living in without them.
    Yes, the world isn't worth saving.
    No, the world takes priority over everything.
    I would save both!
    How can I save them, without saving the world?!

    Would you be the one to Save, or Destroy the world?

    I would be the one to save the World.
    I would be the one who destroys the world.
    I would be the one who takes over the World.
    I wouldn't be the one to do either of them.

    If you woke up one morning with your dream power, what would be the first thing you'd do with it?

    Something I couldn't normally do. (Insert Lenny Face here)
    Use it to cheat through life.
    Use it to save people.
    Use it to slowly take over the world.
    Use it to destroy the World.

    What intellect level do you consider yourself to be?

    Genius Level
    Only smart in certain situations.

    If you were to take over the world, how would you do it?

    Slowly, but with help.
    Slowly, but alone.
    By overpowering everyone else.
    I wouldn't I'd destroy it.
    I wouldn't take over the world, I'd save it.

    If you found out that the most important person or people to you are trying to destroy or take over the world, what would you do?

    Stop them.
    Join them.
    Kill them.
    Convince them to not do it.
    Take over from there.

    If the most important person or people to you, were killed right in front of you, what would you do?

    Try to kill the killer.
    Do nothing in shock and fear of watching their death.
    Forgive the killer and do nothing.
    Join the Killer.
    Make sure they NEVER forget what they've done.

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