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dere, dere types, what are you
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    Senpai-Chan doesnt have to be your crush, It can be family or friends for some dere types

    I dont even have a crush so im fine!
    Eh lets continue
    Like I care...
    Oh well, at least they will do my beckoning im good!

    Senpai-Chan Ignores your messages/Text, What do you do?

    Like I care! I dont like him! WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!
    Okay... Senpai wouldnt do that....
    .... S-Senpai...
    Senpai will NOTICE ME!
    I'll make him shine my shoes tomarrow!

    Senpai-Chan Falls in love with another girl, How do you feel?

    I dont care! I DONT LIKE HIM! ... Maybe....
    Senpai can date who ever, as long as hes happy...
    ... I thought.... He was the one....
    I dont have to worry about any girls... She wont have a head to kiss him! Hee hee!
    When they break up I expect an apologize

    Senpai-Chan's heart gets broken, what do you do?

    Good! Senpai doesnt need to be with a girl like THAT!
    Maybe... theirs a chance...
    He is the one
    I dont know why hes upset. He has me... And I have her corpse....
    He better shine my shoes GOOD!

    Senpai-Chan Still doesnt notice you, How do you feel?

    I hate Senpei! He dates bad women and doesnt see me-- Other good people... WHAT ARE YOU SAYING! BAKA!
    I dont care...
    Senpai is my fate... Were destined!
    ... I'll kill his friends and family till he has to notice me!
    He isnt evem worthy of shining my shoes!

    Senpai-Chan Notices you, How do you feel?

    BAKA! I dont like him that way...! Sorta...
    He doesnt have too... I am not the only one....
    Destiney brought us together
    He'd better crown me the leader of the relationship

    Senpai-Chan Doesnt Know how to explain his/Hers Feelings, What do you do?

    Baka! You cant even confess too girls! I lov-- BAKA!
    I am not the only one, but I am here for you...
    I would bump into him making our love our fate
    I'd kiss him, no doubt... Heh Hide my knife....
    I'd wait till he can get petty butt to CONFESS!

    Senpai-Chan Explains his feelings after your talk/Action, How do you feel?

    B-BAKA! I DON-- What am I saying... I do!
    Senpai... Are you sure?
    It was our Fate!
    I'll never let you go senpai... Never...

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