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    Favourite beverage?

    Water, it's pure from the planet
    Energy drinks, although people say it's bad for my fangs
    What do you think this is, a bar? Take what you can manage and get the fuck out

    Clothing style?

    Whatever I can find
    A flannel, a beanie
    Leather, cool shades
    I don't need clothes

    What is your personality like?

    I'm determined. Get in my way and my foot will meet your ass as fast as it can
    I'm pretty much happy 24/7, it's just in my nature
    I act tough and violent on the outside, but be gentle towards me and I'll happily return the favour
    I'm mixed. However I can become embarrassed and shy very easily.
    Angry, sad... But if I like you I'm pretty nice and mushy
    Make one wrong move and I will judge you for the rest of your existence.

    What's your eye colour?

    Grey-ish blue
    Heavenly blue

    Favourite food?

    Anything that comes from the planet. Organic stuff
    Anything I can sink my fangs into
    Junk food
    Small things, such as cookies and biscuits
    I like curry and any spicy food

    What kinds of books do you enjoy to read?

    I like books with a fantasy twist
    I enjoy poetry
    Ew, books... Comics are so much better
    Whatever I can get my hands on
    I don't enjoy reading much at all

    What things do you like to do in your spare time?

    Hanging out and sipping a nice hot espresso
    Enjoying company with my closest friends
    Thinking about the things that I adore
    Designing things, whether that's machines, clothing ect.
    I like to discover and learn more about the world around me
    Pick out the flaws in people. I don't necessarily mean to, it just happens

    Favourite colour?


    Do you believe in something... Beyond?

    Of course I do
    It would be nice to believe in something beyond her...
    Perhaps, although I don't exactly know...
    What the fuck 'you on?
    I can't comprehend something like that

    Have you dyed your hair before?

    Yeah dude

    How often do you fall ill?

    I go outside a lot, so it isn't rare for me to catch something
    I never become sick
    I take the necessary precautions to try and prevent myself from falling ill, although it doesn't always work
    When I catch something, I get it bad
    I rarely fall ill
    Only certain types of sicknesses get to me


    I have multiple and it sometimes can be difficult for me to choose one specific person
    I don't really feel anything
    Yeah, but I fall in love hard and I'm scared that they will reject me
    When I fall in love with someone, I will do whatever it takes to get them to like me back
    I never found anyone like me / I haven't found the one
    I rarely fall in love, but when I do it's painful and I find it hard to communicate with the person

    Ideal date?

    Roses, scented candles, soft music, kinky vibes...
    Date? What's that?
    Rough cuddling and whispering sweet things into each other's ears
    Very gentle and delicate interactions, casual conversation
    Chilling on a sofa, sipping some drinks and sharing a pack of chips while laughing at stupid stuff
    I don't really care

    Any cool tricks?

    *clears throat* Daddy's here~
    I can tell you the definition of every word?
    I can fire a bow and arrow
    I can be incredibly seductive and irresistable
    *intense judging*
    I can invent stuff

    Favourite type of music?

    I don't mind
    I don't listen to music often

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