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    First off... are you young or old?

    i'm not old.. i'm around teena-WHAT ARE YOU EVEN THINKING FOR ASKING IT, IDIOT?
    i'm young, but not too young. hehe~
    you need to know right away that i'm young! but i don't blame you, common one.
    um.. f..for the vampires, i think i'm very young.. i..in an abnormal way...
    i'm young! why did you ask? *smile*
    well.. i'm not that old but.. i'm not that young too..
    an adult. both physical and minded.. if you understood me, darling. *wink*
    get lost, little girl. i don't like people who asking thing they know. you see that i'm young, then why do you even ask? go away, teacher's pet.
    very young! but still teenager.. yes!~
    ask serious questions! it's just interrupting my destiny!.

    how would you define yourself in one word?


    how important others to you?

    More than anything.. i want to make them smile~
    as my slaves!
    uh.. a..as demon summoners?...
    They're important not less than sport!
    Doctors! if not them, a lot of people weren't here now!
    all of them are important. how can i treat myself without they're existence?
    i don't even care.
    they're important to me. i guess~
    they're important than everything! I will devote my life to save them all!

    may i ask what you're talented in?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    i like to cook.
    acting, duh!~
    i..i don't know..
    sports! wait, didn't i said that already?
    helping sick people! i think..
    seducing bo--wait.. i talked too much.
    you little nosy, huh?
    making bracelets~ want some?
    i'm not sure if i'm doing it good, but the only thing i'm aiming is to save people.

    well, a weirdo girl stalking your senpai. what now?

    gonna mess with the idiotic girl!
    if she'll do something to him, i'll cheer him up with food~
    nobody gonna touch MY senpai. i'll teach her a lesson.
    ..i...don't know...
    not gonna fight , but i'll talk to her!
    "weird"? maybe she's sick and needs help!
    really.. i'll call her out loud so my senpai will know.
    i will attack her!
    i will think on someth- look a butterfly!~
    i will give her a speech.

    do you like school?

    depends, IDIOT.
    because of the clubs~
    i'm popular , of course.
    yes! P.E!
    i only want to help in school~
    of course! a lot people to sedu-- i mean.. play~
    to save them all.

    what you want to be in future?

    not telling you, stupid!
    ..d..demon summoner.. something in that stuff..
    it's.. inappropriate... *wink*
    Forget it.
    i don't know still~ *smiles*
    Prime Minister. or something like that.

    pfffff.. 7 more questions and we're done here.. how do you feel 'bout it?

    You're complete idiot.
    7 more? like, i can do everything i want in that time.
    is 7 is abnormal number?..
    i can do 7 rounds of running, you want me to?
    oh, so we're almost done..
    i can sedu--i mean HELP 7 people in that time i'm wasting here.
    who cares.

    Just choose. it's simple..


    Are you a club leader? sorry for the sudden questions.

    school Infirmary nurse counts?..
    alternative teacher counts? wait, i'm sure teachers won't even do this quiz.

    Do you belive in unnatural things?

    no.. baka..
    flying cakes?~
    Yes, because i'm one. i'm not like those common ones.
    o..of course! ..finally someone who understands...
    You're joking, aren't you?..
    yes.. like super sick people who needs a future doctor!...-the doctor is me hehe~
    unnatural? darling, where do you live?
    why did i even mess with you. you can craze out elephants.
    yes~ super butterfly!~
    are you wasting my time?

    Hey, look! the weirdo girl back.. WAIT... she holds.. a.. KNIFE?

    this idiot again!.. i feel bad about this!
    but.. why would she do such thing? i cooked for her sometimes!
    OMG! what if she'll kill me?!
    i.. don't want to die...
    that's not good! gotta get someone!
    what's going on?..
    i can fight her, so no worries~
    if she'll touch me she's dead.
    oh no! i really don't know what to -hey that butterfly again!
    i'll take her down!

    which animals do you like?

    kittens, idiot. who don't like them?
    animals? umm.. i like octopuses!
    cats. other than that, disgusting animals.
    crows, spiders..
    water animals and bears!
    cute innocent dogs!~
    don't like them so much, but bunnies and cats.
    Ew, animals.
    every animal!
    royaltic animals.

    a new student arrived in you school. he wants to befriend you. what do you say?

    okay, idiot!
    sure! we will make food together!
    if his personality is like mine, he got it.
    umm... okay...
    why not? of course!
    will he help me? yes!
    of course, but i want to be more than "only" friends, if you understand.~
    yes! i love new friends!
    who knows.

    HEY! i know this questions don't have what to do with each other.. but: you confessed your senpai. what now?:

    we are lovers now, idiot!
    yes! i will cook him a lot food!
    he will be an actor with me~
    we will summon a demon..
    we will exercise and do running contests together!
    we will help people together!~
    it will be alot of fun.. *wink*
    let's bully cookies together.
    we will have fun and laughter! it'll be soo fun!
    we will save people together!

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