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    It's morning! Stepmother is calling you from downstairs, what will you do?

    Pull the blanket and get more 5 min
    Zzz... (you're still asleep)
    Run downstairs because you don't want to anger stepmother (she has high blood pressure)
    Walk down like a zombie because you NEVER get enough sleep
    Slide down the stair handrail

    You're finally at the hall with stepmom and your stepsisters. Anastasia is hungry, Drizella needs to have her dresses ironed, and stepmother is telling you to clean the whole house plus the yard. What will you do first?

    Make sandwiches and sneak extra cheese for your sandwich
    Move sluggishly as you walk to the yard and snooze under the tree
    Move sluggishly as you walk to the yard and snooze under the tree
    You did your best but the sandwiches are burnt, the dresses are burnt, and... THERE'S A FIRE IN THE YARD?!
    I'm on all of them right away, I'm a master at multitasking!

    After all those hard work, you decide to take a shower. You look at a pile of your smuggled fancy body wash (your stepsisters would definitely take them if they see one), which fragrance will you choose for today?

    Midnight mist (you have no idea what that scent is but it sounds cool)
    Vanilla and peony
    Coconut and sea salt
    Cupcake sprinkles, it smells like a party!
    Cedarwood and amber

    Now you feel refreshed! When you go back to your room, you see two mice chilling on your bed. What will you do?

    Make friends with them :3
    You realize you can communicate with them and start talking trash about your stepmother
    Catch them mercilessly and put them in a cage. Bad rats!
    Ask them to sneak some food from the kitchen, you promise to split the food with them
    Don't care and lay on the floor

    You hear a royal announcement is being made from the streets. It seems the palace is going to hold a ball and the prince will be there! What is your reaction?

    "A ball with the prince?! Hah, can't wait to show him my sick dance moves!" and you start freestyling
    "A ball?! Free food!!! Finally I don't have to cook!!!!!"
    "The prince?! Oh how lovely! I heard he's so charming and handsome!" and then you proceed to make romcom scenarios in your head
    "A ball? I prefer *insert your fave artist here* concert tho..."
    "The prince?! Oh how I want to meet him... and his coin purse hehe"

    A luxurious carriage is pulling up at the front of your mansion. It looks like someone important from the palace has arrived at the mansion's hall so you eavesdrop from the stairs. The messenger from the palace says that the reason for the ball is to look for prince's potential partner and they invite the whole household to the ball tonight! Your reaction is...

    Going to kitchen nonchalantly and grab some Tupperwares, just in case they have leftovers...
    "What partner? Do you mean dance partner?" and you do the split on the floor before any of them can answer
    Smile politely as you make your graceful descent to the hall. All is according to plan...
    Yawn so loud everyone downstairs can hear you and stare at you. then you give a thumb up, saying "cool plan, my guy. is *insert your fave artist here* going to be there too?". The messenger shrugs his shoulder, so... maybe???
    GASP AND SHRIEK "THE PRINCE IS LOOKING FOR A PARTNER AAAAA" and start interrogating the messenger about the prince's preferences

    After the messenger left, stepmother and your stepsisters start mocking you for even thinking about going to the ball because you don't have a proper dress. But you want to go anyway so you have to get a dress ASAP! What will you do?

    Find the prettiest dress you own and make it fancier with bows and beads and anything sparkly!
    Open your wardrobe where you keep some of your stepsisters dresses that actually to be thrown away because they don't fit them anymore. A quick fix will make them look brand new.
    You open your wardrobe and try on your favorite dress, making sure you can move freely in it.
    You DIY your usual clothes with pins, studs, aesthetically placed slits and patches, metal rings and buttons.
    Find the hottest dress in your wardrobe and make it hotter. A little bit of ankle makes them boys go crazy, so you cut off a modest amount of the skirt.

    You’ve finally finished your dress just in time! Stepmother, Anastasia and Drizella are just about to go to the palace when they see you walk downstairs. They’re super jealous of your dress and they rip your dress off! How do you react?

    Curse them at the top of your lungs!
    Kick their butts! >:(
    Cry and beg them to stop ToT
    You’re standing trying to process what just happened, they're insane o_o
    Rip their dress too!! >:)

    Anyway, they left you alone at the mansion. What are you going to do?

    Go to the yard and cry because you want to go to the ball :(
    Find a box of match and attempt to burn the mansion down
    You take this chance to go out to town! The ball mustn’t be the only interesting thing in this town!
    Smash stepmother’s prized vase and make a mess of your stepsister’s wardrobe
    Go to bedroom and sleep, what else to do?

    Suddenly, a puff of smoke appears in front of you and transforms to a nice looking old lady. She claims that she’s your fairy godmother and will give you a dress that fits you the most and go to the ball with her magic! What is your reaction?

    Clap your hands in excitement :D
    Mad at her because WHERE HAS SHE BEEN ALL THIS TIME WHEN YOU’RE BEING BULLIED BY YOUR OWN FAMILY??!! Forget the dress, you demand answers
    You’re skeptical but you want to see her trying
    Ecstatic because you always believe in love, friendship and magic
    Laugh at her face lol magic is so outdated

    The fairy godmother laughs at your reaction and then she waves her magic wand. “With this wand’s magic I will grant you a dress and enjoy your night!”, and another puff of smoke blasts on your face!


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