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    You've just broken the family's antique vase, your pops....

    Complains of the constant destruction of his home and demands that you clean it up
    Attempts to clean it up before you can
    Offers to clean it up for you
    Tells you to be more careful and to clean it up
    Apologizes for your mother's ranting and watches sadly while you slave away

    Your father finds a note in your bag from a person obviously of the opposite sex, he....

    Flips out and begins to stalk you and this love interest
    Worries that he's losing his one and only baby
    Shreds the note, runs it through a meat grinder, and buys you a chastity belt
    Urges you the pursue the relationship and get out more
    Calls you a "sex fiend" and makes lurid remarks throughout dinner

    The last porkchop at supper comes down to you and dad, you....

    Happily plop it on your plate at your father's insistence
    Flip a coin to see who gets it
    Avoid any contest as your father doesn't eat porkchops
    Fall for the "oh look" trick and lose out on the goods
    Split the porkchop so that you can share, but offer him the bigger piece

    Oh no! You're late for school, your beloved father....

    Calls your brother to come get you
    Wigs out until you calmly make it very clear you'll be able to get to school just fine
    Is already in the car, engine going, and ready to roll
    Pushes you quickly out the door before your mother notices you're tardiness
    Tells you, "Tough luck," and goes about his business

    What makes you most proud of your dad?

    He's a writer
    He's not afraid to spoil you rotten
    He's a war veteran
    He's got great taste in fashion
    He'll risk smelling like barbeque for a week to save you

    Your father has the opportunity to meet your classmates, he....

    Finds them to be an odd lot and mistakes one for a much older person
    He welcomes them warmly and encourages them to visit often
    Loves to have them around as an entourage
    Welcomes them eagerly if they're pretty high school girls
    Hasn't a clue what he's supposed to do in these kinds of situations

    What big secret is your pops hiding from you?

    One of your relatives is actually female
    You're an weapon of mass destruction
    Your grandmother is a psycho and looks just like you sadly
    He has no intentions of cutting you off anytime soon
    He knows more about your school life than you ever tell him

    Your father's challenged to a throwdown, he....

    Easily holds his own without breaking a nail
    Puts his training to good use
    Offers to make love, not war
    Puts on his best cape to scare the heezy out of the competition
    Will fight for your honor if he must... but wouldn't you prefer he buy you a nice big ice cream cone instead?

    Your mother loves your father so long as he....

    Stops tending to your every whim
    No matter what
    Forever and for always
    What mother?!
    Brings home the right beverage

    On career day, your father talks about his profession as....

    A restaurant owner
    Loving father (what DOES he do?!)
    Popular novelist
    Yeah, your dad's sooo not making it to career DAY....

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