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Ok time to make my "first" challenge on this account, oh yeah I'm back.

So the rules to this challenge will be simple. Though you might not like the out come of the wall because it might be somewhat ugly. But thats ok, it's just for fun right?

The object of this challenge is to make a wall of lets say miku hatesune, her colors are like blueish and black. Well the background and any other color of the wall will be negitave of hers. So it would be a pinkish color for her green/blue and white for her black part. Does that make sense?

1:scans or renders have to come from images on minitokyo or animepaper.

2:if you need a render done from a scan from either place you can ask someone to help you with it if needed. Just give them the credit they need, and it won't count againts you.

3:You can use any vocaloid in it, not just Miku Hatesune.

4:I don't want you to just blow up a image, change the background color and make it a wall, I want to see work in it.

5:Signautes please, I know they are a bother, and can be easly forgotten, but still so needed.

6:Please dedicate it to me, so I can see the works that have been enterd in my challenge.

7:must have the word gug in the tags

8:unlimted entries!

I think that covers all, so I hope you have fun with it
feel free to ask anything you might need to know

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