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Wow, I can't remember when was the last time I made a challenge xD

Everyone has a song they listen to for motivation, right? Whether it be for exercising or for motivation to get you through the day, we all have that one song we will listen to on repeat for hours just to get us pumped up.
So for this challenge, I want you to put that song on repeat and...

>>Make a wallpaper for that motivational song<<

Just in case you guys have no idea what I am trying to get across, I will link a few songs I like to listen to when I need motivation:

Is that enough?? xD
If you guys need any songs to use and don't like the ones above, just message me and I can find some more for ya~

Also, a little thing about invites-
I went through my Backroom feed and invited a few active members. I also went through the Wallpapers section and invited a few people. I don't know who all to invite because 1) I don't know who all does wallpapers and 2) I don't know who all is active on here anymore. So if you are a Fan Art person that I didn't invite and you wanna make a wallpaper for this challenge, go ahead and join!

I won't drown you guys with a ton of rules and regulations, but the standard TheOtaku regulations are a must~


  • The song must be your motivational song.
  • Link your song in the description so that I can listen to it~ And add to my collection of 14,000 songs
  • ANYONE can join. And if I didn't invite you, don't be afraid to join anyways!!! And if I invited you and you don't wanna join, don't sweat it! I'll live xD
  • PLEASE link what you used in your wallpaper(s)
  • PLEASE use a creditable site for your scans/screenshots. If you took the screenshot yourself, that is totally cool~
  • You DON'T need to dedicate it to me. You don't need to dedicate it to anyone at all.
  • Write in the tags "LLAMA" just to make sure you guys paid attention haha
  • You can do up to 2 wallpapers.
  • You MUST hug a Llama not really haha

As for prizes...

1st Place: 3 Wallpapers of choice, 2 Ecards, and 2 IPhone/Pad wallies!
2nd Place: 1 Wallpaper, 2 Iphone/Pad Wallies and 1 Ecard!
3rd Place: 1 IPhone/Pad wallie, 2 Ecards and a gift!
Participants: A gift!

So everyone gets something!!! :D

Enjoy guys! And have fun! :D


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Such Great Heights ~KyraChan
Moanin' ~Snowzi
:.Break a SpeLL.: ~Rainbow Dragon
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