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Alright. So first up, this is an wallpaper of Dino Cavallone from KHR (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!) READ IT. This colored scan of mine had been sitting on my computer for... let's see... Maybe about 4 months. OTL

Yeah, that's me. I get stuck into one thing, then another thing attracts me, then another. You get it. Anyway. Part of of the challenge was to explain why I feel that Dino is one of my top, ultimate faves (He makes 1st, with Gokudera a close 2nd!)

~why do I like DINO CAVALLONE?

I find that Dino is an very interesting secondary character, and he always spices up Tsuna's daily life with his sunniness and rather adorable clumsiness. Thus the theme of skies and summer.

But on the other hand, Dino can be an extremely capable mafia boss. He is the don of the Cavallone familglia, which was originally in serious debt, until Dino pulled it out of debt, and made it a major player in the world of the mafia.

Dino also doesn't stop there. He continues to improve, until we see him as the TYL!Dino. This TYL!Dino is good enough to make judgments of his own (such as when he was assigning trainers), and can still be a 'cool' mafia boss if his subordinates are within 1km. Dino's fighting abilities have improved due to his use of his box weapon.

And finally, for the simple reason that Dino just... cares. According to Fuuta, Dino's the number one Mafia boss that cares for the welfare of civilians.

That's why I like Dino. :)

~ Photoshop CS4
~ 11 layers (Not counting before merging)
~ 6 hours for extraction & colouring of scan, 2 hours for wallpaper.
~ Credits on wallpaper- unsure about correct origin of stock photos- if you know where they're from, please tell me! ^^

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