New Idea. Interested?



I finally have time on my hands for once, and I've been scheming plenty of things over the past 9 months.

SO! Drumroll, por favor (please)...

I would love to create a fan comic to help all members of theOtaku--new and old! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MANY MESSAGES I GET PER DAY FILLED WITH QUESTIONS? XD

I love to help people--as I'm sure plenty of you presume, but this time...I need yours! XD

Send me QUESTIONS about how theO functions, how to's, works, or whatever else you can think of (via comment or PM--comments preferred )! HOW MANY, DEV? As many as you can possibly think of--the more the merrier~ WHY SHOULD I, DEV? Because, I shall feature YOU and your creativity in the comic (description (with link to your profile), and the comic itself)!

Can I invite my friends to this, Dev? HECK YES. Certainty! Feel free to spread the word! (Do NOT spam, though, please! )

Is there a deadline? Nope! In fact, this fan comic will never end--theO's always changing, right?

How should questions be structured?

Sentences should be to the point, and as grammatically correct as possible.

Like so:

How do I upload fan art?


How do u upload fan art, 'cause I really want to. <---If I encounter spelling/grammar errors, you comment will be answered, but is subject to editing.

However, if you added some comedy to the comic with a sketch to go along with the question, and/or jazzed up the comment to make a person laugh, I'm probably not going to edit that out!

Any more preguntas (questions)? I can help! ^-^

Spread the word, comment, PM, get your creative cranium on, and GO, GO, GO! :D