Welcome to the 9th Division barracks; glad to see that you stopped by. I'm in charge here and would be happy to assist in anyway that I can.

Shuuhei Hisagi

April fools

I sat at my desk finishing the day's paperwork. I was signing a document when the patter of sandals came down the hall by my office. "Shuuhei-San!!" It yelled as the unexpected visitor flung himself into the room. I continued finishing my signature. "Katsuo, I've told you for the thousandth time just call me Hisagi." I told my subordinate. Katsuo worked with me on a daily basis for the Seiretei Communcation. "But Shuuhe-I mean Hisagi-san the printers are jammed. We can't run any copies." Nervousness rang in his voice. I stopped suddenly causeing a broad line to ruin my signature. "What?!" I stammered. "All of them?!" Katsuo nodded helplessly. I shoved back my chair almost knocking it to the ground but managed to catch it. We both took off running for the newpaper building on the south side of the seireitei. The room was eriely quiet when I walked into the building. I directly went to the printing room with Kutsuo following at a very slow pace. I pulled the door and..........SPLOSH!

A dipping cold fluid ran over me. I opened my eyes and found my whole office laughing even timid Katsuo was doubled over on the floor. It was then I realized what had happened. There was never any jam with the printers; I literally had just walked into the oldest trick in the book. The bucket on top of the door....only instead of water they decided it would be funny to use thick black ink. But it wasn't over yet..."APRIL FOOLS, HISAGI!!" They screamed as they showered me in goose feathers. Now looking like an overgrown hen; I make my way back to the barracks. Happy April Fools Day everyone. -_-"

First Report by Lieutenant Shuuhei

Hmm the title's a bit too formal for my tastes but I'll run with it. Yo, Hisagi here. Its awful boring at the barracks today since I've finished all my paperwork and editing for the Seireitei Communication. Make sure to pick up a copy. I wonder where Abarai has been; I haven't seen him in a while... Anyway just thought I'd check in; that's all I have for now. ~Hisagi