Of course, I must start with an intro...

December 1st, 11:03

Hey theOtaku... members... fans... artist... people...? Uh... ano... *whisper* hi.

*sudden change* Yo! This is Ace-kun! In real life, I'm fairly shy on the outside, but on the internet, I act the way I am on the inside: hyper, slightly annoying, cheery, and... well, weird.

Do you know of my dear Angel-chan? (Ace of Hartsu) *muttermutter* I betcha that's the only reason you're on here 'cause she posted a link to this crappy world... Anyways~! I'll be posting about my obsessions on here (currently Hetalia and Pandora hearts), ranting about well, things, and maybe even posting about my boring life! :D *muttermutter* like you're interested... Here is my info... or not...? XD

Names: Ace-kun, Nani, Na-chan
Hobbies: Torturing Angel-chan, teasing Angel-chan, drawing/reading manga, watching anime, writing fanfiction, writing normal stories (normal?! XD)
OCs: Ace, Nani

(BTW, I know this is also my introduction. XD)