This isn't a good bye letter, my friend.

So basically...what's going on is that me and a friend of mine are in a fight. Yes I'm talking about it old friend.
I couldn't just send u a message...but I'll keep u anonymous.

This is just a post telling you...and everyone else...what I'm is a world (blog) after all.

This isn't a goodbye...not forever. Maybe our paths will cross again another time later in life, but right now, all that is keeping us our mutual friends, and that's not fair on them. So...think of this more of a...see you later.

I know your insecurities, and your fears...but also your dreams, and loves. They will follow me to the grave. That, you needn't worry about. The reason we "ignored" you the other day is that me and a friend from primary school were catching up. I hadn't talked to her in we were catching up and u tried to join in, but for one...neither of us had great know that...two we were outside...there were cars and winds...and three we were too engrossed in our convo.

You need to realise this...that...this is the end of the sisterhood. I'll be there if ur down. I'll pick u up again...but I can't stay along for the ride. We could still hang out with our mutuals over the holidays or something. We can be civil...but that's it.

Maybe we just spent to much time with each other. Maybe we just need time apart.

Maybe well even make up by summer...but let me tell you this.


if we make up...good...if not...too bad.

But as I said before,
See you later, Professor.

Assassins Creed Black Flag

So...I know that not many people read this but hey...I'm going to try...

So Assassins Creed Black Flag is coming out. What do you think, will it be better than Assassins Creed 3?
What does it need to be better than AC3?
I'm not sure about what to think of AC Black Flag yet, I don't know much about it, but I will definitely be taking a look at it.