I feel bad for not being here for a long while. It's Christmas and stuff, I lost interest in that crossover that I thought of and it saddens me to say that. I will be getting a new TheO account. Hopefully, it will just be the 2P! Version of this person, Feliciana. The character's name will be Luciana Vargas... Yea... I'm running out of names. And recently, I've become a Whovian... And I'm proud to be one... :DDD And I'm prepared to see Matt go in a few hours--

So I apologize about not being active...



Well I got bored and did this. This is a voice memo on the recent fanfic crossover I had just recently wrote.

Hope you like it~ ^^;


Life lesson (Read it all....)

Only read the parts where you see Feliciana and Kuro.. If you want, read everything.. o3o;;

Feliciana Vargas holds out her hand. Afraid of whats going to happen, she hesitates for a bit. 14:24

Mathias Køhler [Denmark] "Uhm...." stares at nailgun, and sneezes-- not on purpose. -n- He really sneezed. 14:24

Feliciana VargasI have a feeling its some sort of humiliation sort of thing... o3o;; )) 14:24

Alice Kirkland moved behind Mathias and puts a smal safety charm on him 14:24

Mathias Køhler [Denmark]omfg)) 14:26

Teacher!Kim Nguyen has arrived, lets see how long they'll survive 14:26

Teacher!Kim Nguyen(*has a feeling that Kim and Kuro wouldn't get along <XD*) 14:26

Emma De Vos (Belgium) covers her eyes becuse she realy dose not whant to see this. 14:26

Feliciana VargasXD )) 14:26

Emma De Vos (Belgium)(( I kinda whant to try and Make Thailand an teacher, Just becuse of how freaking happy he is all the time )) 14:27

Teacher: Kuro Honda (2P Japan) He holds the nail gun agains her hand and shoots. The nail gets stuck half way in to her hand (The nail is like 15cm's) Pointing out at each side ''There, that didn't hurt so bad did it?'' 14:27

Alice Kirkland(( OAO THAT HURTS!!! )) 14:28

Alfred F. Jones(( i knew he was gonna do that- ;n; )) 14:28

Emma De Vos (Belgium)((oh god ;-; )) 14:28

Alice Kirkland-throws up in a bucket-)) 14:28

Teacher: Kuro Honda (2P Japan)(i'm so evil :3) 14:28

Teacher!Kim Nguyen(OMG) 14:28

Feliciana Vargas covers her mouth her free hand and holds back a scream. She put her free hand down and bit her lip until it bled. 14:28

Teacher!Kim Nguyen(You are! QAQ) 14:28

Alfred F. Jones(( and that shit hurts really badly i know because it happened to me before. unu;; )) 14:29

Feliciana VargasWait which hand.. o3o;; )) 14:29

Feliciana VargasOh wow that's gotta hurt.. ono )) 14:29

Feliciana VargasOAO )) 14:29

Alfred F. Jones(( it did- ;n; )) 14:29

Teacher: Kuro Honda (2P Japan) '' give me your other hand too'' he grins evily as he looks at her 14:29

Mathias Køhler [Denmark] wipes his face with his sleeve and brings his face up and sees the nail. "Ohmy god....." he clawed at his desk. "I aint gonna be late anymore....." 14:29

Feliciana Vargas;~; )) 14:29

Teacher!Ferdinando has arrived, lets see how long they'll survive 14:29

Alfred F. Jones(( oh shit- )) 14:30

Mathias Køhler [Denmark]OMG)) 14:30

Alfred F. Jones(( Hey Ferdi. ovo;; )) 14:30

Alice Kirkland be glad I put a safett charm on you Mathias, it will feel like a cat licking your hand uwu )) 14:30

Alfred F. Jones(( not the other hand tho- )) 14:30

Feliciana Vargas looks at him, "I don't want to.. " Her voice is a bit hoarse because she holds back from crying.. 14:31

Emma De Vos (Belgium) slowly uncovers her eyes and sees. Her eyes widens a bit in shock ,but dosent says anything. 14:31

Feliciana VargasQAQ You sho mean.. )) 14:31

Teacher: Kuro Honda (2P Japan) ''Give me your other hand, now'' he say whit a low yett very angry tone 14:31

Teacher!Kim Nguyen(Yo Ferdi. ouo) (AGAIN?!) 14:32

Teacher!Ferdinando((what the fuck happened?)) 14:32

Emma De Vos (Belgium)(( O A O )) 14:32

Teacher: Kuro Honda (2P Japan)(late for class. I am evil to them) 14:32

Feliciana Vargas frowns and holds out her other hand. How the fuck am I going to fight now? I can't throw my knives!! She looks away. 14:33

Teacher!Ferdinando((*suddenly remembers the other Kuro and how he was to Feliciana* ... :c )) 14:34

Teacher: Kuro Honda (2P Japan) Do the same thing to her other hand. Presses the nail gun agains her hand and shoots ''There, your done now. Take a set and start drawing~'' 14:34

Mathias Køhler [Denmark] how?)) 14:34

Feliciana Vargas shot death glares at him. "How on earth can I be able to that? 14:35

Mathias Køhler [Denmark] "I prefer getting hit with a yard stick by Mrs. K....." he muttered. 14:35

Feliciana VargasWasnt done.. .)) 14:35

Feliciana VargasI know Ferdi... )) 14:36

Feliciana Vargas"* 14:36

Mathias Køhler [Denmark]((I have a teacher who actually hits students with a yard stick ono )) 14:36

Feliciana VargasMeh... Not gonna write more.. )) 14:36

Feliciana VargasOmg.. )) 14:36

Mathias Køhler [Denmark]((*got hit once*)) 14:36

Teacher: Kuro Honda (2P Japan) ''You still have workining'' he turns looking at Alfred ''Your up next, get over hear'' 14:36

Teacher!Kim Nguyen(Oh wow! ono) ( dont mean me or do you? XD) 14:36

Alice Kirkland*here 14:37

Teacher!Ferdinando has arrived, lets see how long they'll survive 14:37

Mathias Køhler [Denmark](No. her lastname starts with K, actually. omg i do not want to get hit again...)) 14:37

Teacher!Ferdinando((*huggles Feliciana*)) 14:37

Alfred F. Jones sighs, hesitantly walking over to his desk before closing his eyes and holding out his hand. oh shit- 14:38

Feliciana Vargas*is hugged* *hugs back* ))


Let this be a life lesson to ALL of you!!! DON'T EVER BE LATE FOR CLASS... QAQ

Tumblr Fandom Style

Ok.. I found this YouTube video online called "Tumblr Fandom Style". I cant give out the link because this computer sucks. All you need to do is just search up "Tumblr Style" and you would find it instantly. I find very true about me and everyone else. o3o


Tumblr Fandom Style
Fandom Style

Imagine the we could’ve spent being productive
Who could’ve guessed the internet would become so obstructive
But I can’t help myself, these characters are so seductive
So damn hot that they’re conductive

Look at all my feels!
If you don’t ship it you won’t understand that
All my feels!
Can’t be contained in simple fanfiction ‘cause
All my feels!
Have cause me to squeal uncontrollably, yes
All my feels!
Can’t hold all these Pheels!~ o3o

Do you like Sherlock?
Are you a “Homestuck”?
Dr. Who? (Hey!)
Do you watch it too? (Hey!)
The Avengers
How ‘bout Modoka?
Did you know? (Hey!)
No, you didn’t know! (Hey!)
That I’ll ship even if they aren’t Gay!!!

Tumblr Fandom Style!
Fandom Style
Tumblr Fandom Style!
Fandom Style
Tumblr Fandom Style!
Tumblr Fandom Style!

My friends all judge me and they question my obsession
But they don’t really understand what really causing my depression
If we don’t get an update soon then please use your discretetion
When I vent out my aggression
My blog has everything a real fan wants so
Ive got fanart AND some reaction GIFs! Please
I might follow back and we can talk about our
What’s your headcanon?

There’s HETALIA!~~~~
My Little Pony!
Who’d have known? (Hey!)
I could not have known. (Hey!)
Harry Potter
And Supernatural
Who’d have known? (Hey!)
Could not have known (Hey!)
Fictional characters would consume my life!!!!!!

Tumblr Fandom Style!
Fandom Style!
Tumblr Fandom Style!
Fandom Style!
Tumblr Fandom Style!
Tumblr Fandom Style!
Tumblr Fandom Style!

Fandom Wars
Let’s stop the fandom wars
Maybe, maybe we can all just get along
Fandom wars
Let’s stop the fandom wars
Maybe, Maybe we can all just get along

Tumblr Fandom Style!
HEEEEEEEEY!! Sexy Cosplay!
Tumblr Fandom Style!


Frustration Required... =__=

Ok.. I was with my parents to buy food and stuff. On the way there, I wrote something that I was soon going to post on here. And it was very deep and life lesson-y... I finished it before we came home and I was going to press copy but in accident I pressed paste and this is my result:

Steve ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You should've seen how frustrated I was. It was three long paragraphs and it was a life lesson to all of you guys.. OnO
Now I have to remember what I wrote and post back online..