Noctis , stella story

define Names Noctis Lucis Caelum translates to Night Light and Sky while Stella Nox Fleuret means Star Darkness and Sword. Stella’s country Tenibuira also carries the meaning of Darkness in its name.
Stella is from the country of Tenebuira. Her family are of an honourable background. Both Stella and Noctis possess the power to see the said ‘light’. When Stella comes to know Noctis can also see the light she begins to educate him on the legend about the light in her country, Tenebuira. The legend speaks of a Goddess who opened the door to the realm of the death and discovered people who can see the light. Because of this people who are able to see the light are bestowed with power. We are not sure whether this legend is widely known in the world of in Noctis’s kingdom or not.
Stella reveals to Noctis that she can see the light, Noctis is quite timid about Stella’s presence and her openness about the ‘light’, he tells her that speaking about the light so openly is not advised. During this entire introduction scene it is noticed that Noct not once looks at Stellas face. He seems shy and tries to walk away from her. this is an interview i found at this site with Nomura Q: The name for both the main male and female character are finally released!

Nomura: This time we can see Noctis and Stella when they first meet. This video is subtitled as we’re not yet ready to reveal the voices behind these two characters. Also, the graphics are done base on PS3 real time rendering, a different way from doing CG. This goes to show how powerful the PS3 hardware is. This portion of video is split into 2 half and inserted into the trailer.

Q: Since this is their first meeting, this is going to be a very important event. Will this show the characteristic of the characters or give us a glimpse of their character?
Nomura: Stella speaks very politely but she is very daring in attitude in the way she speaks to Noctis. Whereas Noctis seems to be avoiding her and sort of panicing at times. This shows how different their personalities are. Noctis is not unsociable, he is however shy and works hard to hide this.

Q: Do you mean that this is his personality that you have mentioned in the past interviews that will set him (Noctis) apart from previous characters in FINAL FANTASY?

Nomura: Yes. Noctis generally smiles however this scene shows him trying to act calm and cool to hide his shyness. This is just the sort of person who strives to act confident and fit in but is actually a very shy person deep down. Compared to the past FF characters, his character is more human and real. He has a hard personality to define however this kind of people do exist. We want to portray a character that say one thing but act differently. You have to observe his small actions to understand what he is really intending to do. Simply put, he has a complex personality.
Q: I see… Just like we seen that when Noctis responds to Stella he avoids looking directly at her

Nomura: Yep, that is the shyness that makes him do that. To hide his shyness, he tries to talk more to Stella. Whereas Stella is more direct. We will disclose more of their character later.

Q: About Noctis and Noct, which name is more frequently used in the game?

Nomura: Even though the prince’s name is Noctis. Noct will be used more frequently in the game. We disclose his full name in the trailer because of the first meeting between him and Stella. Our working team also calls him Noct.


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