Ello everyone!!!This shall be my little world for posting up my .Hack fanfic.I hope you guys like it!

A new Sage Palace Emperor

"& There you have it folks! Two returning emperor's have taken their new title!” The announcer in the Arena said out loud as the title match was over.

"Well that’s over.” The sliver haired Adept Rouge said as he put away his twin blades. His long right sleeve blew in the small wind blew it around. Running down the length of his arms where the monk style gloves. From half way down his thigh where two strips that crossed back & forth on his legs. His blue gray eyes as he let out a small sigh.” Well Alkaid?"He asked opening an eye to look at the red head Twin Blade.

"Yeah Zion...I knew Haseo would be hard to take down but..."Alkaid said looking down. Zion came over to her.

"Hey, it all worked out. After all, you had me here.” Zion said with a slight smile.

"Thanks Dr- I mean Zion.” She said looking up at him, smiling lightly.

"Hey Corro, how does it feel to be an Emperor?” Zion asked looking at their other team member.
(Corro is red headed adept rouge with quit the weapon selection his weapon of choice is mainly
His twin blades but he will use his thread blade or guilt’s)

"Fine not that it means any thing to me" Corro said in a quite voice

"How...did you...get. So strong. " Interrupted the former arena emperor Haseo

Alkaid answered, " The same way you did"

Haseo gasped "..do..you mean?"

Zion answserd "If you can't bet them hack'im that’s my motto"

"Complements of me" said Corro."The son of the Slum/brother of the greatest hacker there."

"Huh...?"Was all Haseo could get out before both teams where warped out of the Arena.