Place of Random stuff!!!

Damn it =3=

Damn my life just wont end soon ! *sighs* I give up on all of it !!!! Ok so im a sadist but thats ok people still like me but i don't know why? I beat people i hate for no reason ( reason : i hate them) ! I have a boy name ( just a random rant ) I hate a lot of people . And i cant see Jinni-chan ( Miableachgirl) If u see her or if she pms u tell her to call me damn it !!!


Dirtyness !

My life is suckin royal nuts now. i have to deal with dicks at my school but now pervy chicks thinks is ok to touch me and my friend! What the fuck r they high or something ! They piss me off way to much they r bugging me so much i want to kill them but can can't have more jail time XD Jk!


This is Rin

This is Rin he's my 200 year old black demon panther.
He can be a dick but he's uber nice say hi Rin " Hello as you know i am Rin nice to meet you"*bows*.

Pink Random

I don't mind pink....but if i have to put it on i'd die a little inside. I mean it's ok but i like blood red,black,white, gray, and dark blue. People always think im emo but im not i like lots of stuff ( if i list it all u'd die of my talkin so bye-bye( shoots out window) have a nice day*jumps out*


HI!!!!!! How are you taaaaaday!?! If any of you have clubs pls send me an app i'd be super happy to join! I love clubs!! People who i've subbed I don't care if you don't subb back but pls say hi or talk to me. I'd like that very much!