Hello Everyone... I am Kaito-kun (my nickname). I made this world to gather all Sword Art Online fans like me ^*^. I wish most of you could cooperate in some of my activities and events even though I dont frequently visit here or should I say post in here... due to my responsibility (in the real world) as a president, vice president, etc. and the fact that I am just a newbie in here. I wanted some people to continue my jobs in this website...


I think most of you are wondering why in the world I am doing this kind if thing..... It is just because I do really like Sword Art Online and I am very addicted to it... ^°^

Which is better?

Konichiwa mina!

Long time no post! (Actually I dont post that much). I am here to ask everyone a simple question:

In Sword Art Online, which is the most beautiful girl among the choices:

~Asuna Yuuki
~Kirigaya Suguha/Lyfa
~Rika Shinozaki/Lizbeth
~Ayano Keiko/Silica

Okay~~! For those who knows these people please give me your opinions! I'm looking forward over your choices! Then, see'ya! ^U^

Introducing myself...

Hello everbody!My name is Kaiyui Kazuto, just call me Kaito. I'm 13 yrs. old. I am a sporty and easy-go-lucky person. I'm an anime club and committee president since I was 8. I am a anime cosplayer and anime figure collector. I am also a J-rock band leader. I love to read light novels, hang out with friends and play video games and free online games.

My favorite animes are: Sword art online, OreShuba, FMA, KHR, Soul eater, Death note, Amnesia, Another, Code Geass, Fairytail, Kuroko no Basuke, Senyu, Vampire Knights, Kuroshitsuji, Shakugan no Shana, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Air Gear, Angel Beats, Hakkenden and many more else.

My favorite video games are: Kingdom of Hearts, all Final Fantasy, Starcraft, Tekken 6, Rondo of Swords and many more.

I wish many of you could be my friends and could share your knowledges.