Hi there. I wanted to start my own club so I did it!But I need Members and OC's. Just PM me about an OC and your fav Naruto Character(There can be more than one character per Otaku. When you do that, you're in the club. I'll post some info later. Here are the ranks:

Medic Nin
Special Jonin

Everyone who joined:
Luna chan
KoInu kyan
Otomi Babii
gaara is cool135
mari uchiha
sasukes girl1

Waiting for:

Everyone starts out as students. Enjoy!

Rishi~Student(Naruto)*KoInu kyan wants to post her 2 OC's*
Deiara~Genin/Kazekage's Co-Leader(Deidara)
Keikeyo~Student/Hokage's Assistant(Tobi)

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  • Sadly, Naomi Bear wanted to quit the club since she couldn't post anything on. I understand completly and we will miss her.
  • Ummm, I need ideas for missions.
  • The next contest is drawing your OC as a doll

The first contest is to draw your OC in your assigned character's clothing. If you draw me in a Possesed Gaara form, that would be extra credit. The top 3 would get prizes. I'll tell you the top 3 soon. Also I need a judge cuz' I am busy.


Next Contest:Draw your OC as a doll.


Can't beat me or my demon.

SO we get Shock? The only girl of the trio of trick-or-treaters. I walked through the portal Jess made and wound up near a tree house. I decided to let Kelsey out.

"Kelsey you can come out. You'll be fine since you're a demon" I told my little charm wolf on my neck.

"Fine. But I'm going to be in my demon form got that?" Kelsey said as she came out. She was in Demon form. Black fur except her stomach which was blood red from when I had found her.

"Who are you and what do you want?" a little girl asked as she came out of the tree house.

I smirked and said "I'm Keikeyo and this is Kelsey, my demon. We wanted to know if you wanted to have a pranking contest? or do you want to fight?"

"I'd fight. I can't prank people without Lock and Barrel" Shock said.

"Okay then" I jumped on Kelsey's back. Shock jumped down and threw a pumpkin at me. I dodged and threw a knife at her. Then I did my fave little attack.

"Kelsey ready?" I asked my wolf demon.

"Always am. Now lets get this over with" she said. I turned into a wolf demon and basically merged with Kelsey. Shock turned a very pale white and fainted. Me and Kelsey de-merged and I tied up Shock to the trunk of the tree. A portal opened. I just finished my mission.

"Lets go Kelsey. We finished the mission. We beat Shock plus I found a nice little way to help keep her from pranking so hard later on." I said as I stuck a note in between the ropes that held Shock. Then Kelsey went back to her charm and we walked through the portal


Outprank the prankster....Is Natsu wicked or something?!

I walked out of the portal, feeling a cool air brushing through my face with a rough touch and
sent shivers down my spine. The golden moon shone high on the sky, giving the area some light
and there was black, dead trees everywhere casting creepy shadows on the ground.
'The Halloween world', I thought to myself. 'How long have I waited for this day to arrive to a
world where I feel home and comfortable?' I putted my Akatsuki strawhat on, scanned the area for
enemies and checked my stuff for the prank. It was a very old trick, maybe to mean, but one of
my favorites and I didn't come up with something else. I smirked for myself as I walked deeper
into the dark woods.
After I have walked a while into the forest there was still was no sign of her. Or so I thought.
"Crack!" A noise came from the trees, I turned to place where it came from, sniffing the air.
'She's here.' I thought, preparing to fight. There was a long silence, nothing moved and the wind
has stopped. 'Dangerous close...'
"Well, well...isn't it Natsu." A mocking voice came from behind me. A dark figure stood behind
me, crossing it's arms and a big sadistic grin on it's face.
"Don't tell me Jess sent you to out prank me? HA!"
"So you are Shadow..." I said and turned to her.
"The one and only." Natsu smirked.
"Good good..." I ran at full speed at her and kicked her in her head, sending her backwards.
Then the fight began, we hitted, kicked and used all kind of techniques to take out eachother.
After a while of fighting I had we paused to catch our breath. There were bruises all over my body
and my cloak was thorn apart. 'Damn I didn't expect her to be this strong! ¤&#¤@$ Jess!!
Why didn't you tell me about her freak power to posess other people?!!'
I brushed some of my hair away and glares at Shadow who was chuckling.
"You are strong like they say and even this is the first time we have met- we do have alot in
common!" Shadow laughed like maniac.
"We both likes pranks, have the same point of view of humour and we are both FREAKS!"
A dark, sinister chuckle escaped my throat.
"You're right Shadow that we are truly very alike, BUT!...." Her eyebrow frowned and feeling
there is something wrong.
"...I'm not a fool who is stupid enough to walk into a trap." Shadows eyes widened and before
she knew it I was over her and she screamed at the top of her lungs.

I sat on a stone, playing with a lighter and sighed. Right in front of me lied Shadow with her
hands and feets bounded. Covered in tar and feathers, cursing her head off.
"You know, cursing isn't going to help you." I said calmly to her, but she hissed to me.
"Shut up, mutt!" Shaking my head as I stood up and walked over to her. Shadow stared
into my eyes with hatred
"How did you do this? How can such a mutt outprank ME?!!" I snorted at her meaningless
questions to herself.
"I got help from Itachi with my plan. You know him...and even a simple prank like this can be
turned out great." It was dead silent before I continued.
"But if you think I'm done you're wrong!" Shadow started to shiver and gulped.
"You're a shadow creature that lives by possesing others shadows and even if it looks like
you are almost invinceble you have a fatal weakness." She froze and slowly realized what
she where she are going.
"Light." I said simply."Any type of light. Since I was going to use tar and it burns easly..."
I flipped the lighter and held it over Shadow.
"...I was thinking...WHY NOT?" I dropped it and Shadow screamed: 'NOOOO~!'
Her whole body flamed up and her high-pitch screams filled the air while she
was rolling from side to side.
A black portal opened as a sign my mission is complete. I turned and smiled
softly to her.
"You're lucky, Shadow. If Jess weren't alive...you'll be dead." I laughed joyfully and
stepped into the portal.
"Mission accomplished..." Then it went black.

~Jess POV~

I was shaking on the floor and could hardly breathe. My body felt like it was on fire!
It must be Shadow who is burning!...What did Natsu do to her?! Why setting her on
fire?! At first I felt someone was beating me, but then it stopped suddenly. And now I was
on FIRE?! I felt the flames burn out and a cold came over me. Making my body freeze.
'She's back into the shadows again.' I thought relived. It was complet silence, my
body felt numb and weak so I couldn't move much.
'What just happened to her?!'


Shadow's Profile for Natsu

Here's Shadow's profile darKatana so you know who you are dealing with.

Name: Shadow
Age: Same as Jess
Gender: Female(but can change from time to time)
Species: Shadow(What else people?)
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: yellow
Personality: Prankster, tricky, has a soft spot towards Jess, annoying
Likes: Getting on peoples nerves, controlling things, having fun
Dislikes: Akane, Abrakazi, anyone else doing her job
Attack Types: Can form into other things to possess them
Family: None
Relationships: None
Friends: Shadow Oogie, Jess, Ria, etc.
Weapon: Usually none
Favorite Song: Those were the days by Mary Hopkins
Sayings: "Congrats, you found my shadow. Neat trick huh? Hehehehehehe!"
Looks: A black figure who originally looks like Jess. The only thing not black is her eyes and mouth which is yellow
Clothing: It depends on who she's possessing
History: When Jess was ten and she went to Halloween Town to get Oogie out of jail, that's when Shadow was created. Shadow loves to do pranks and possess people by transforming into their shadow. She treats her creator Jess like a cute child and would only be nice then. Shadow and Shadow Oogie team up to try and destroy Jack Skellington. If you want a good laugh, ask Shadow!


Prankster Mission Full

"Okay Natsu, Mitsu, Keikeyo, and Alura!" I ordered, the four girls saluted to me.

"Your mission is to defeat 4 out of these pranksters. I'll assign you each a prankster to defeat. When you are finished, head back to the Town Square. Now I have rules. Natsu is in charge, Someone would have to go with Mitsu since she can't be alone with children, Alura has Orochimaru reading her thoughts, and watch out for Keikeyo's charm. Any questions?" I asked. None answered.

"Mitsu and Alura, you two are working together to defeat Lock and Barrel. Keikeyo, you get Shock." I said, pointing to the portal. All three went to the portal to Halloween Town. Natsu looked at me.

"And which prankster I'm doing, Jess-sama?" Natsu asked me. I pressed on my heart necklace, turning black with yellow eyes and mouth. I smiled evilly.

"You would have to defeat my demon, Shadow! Heeheheheheheh. Be careful. I might scare you to death." I giggled. Natsu went inside the portal. I went into another one.

Please continue...

Note: I'll give you Shadow's profile on here so you can know what you are dealing with Natsu.


Kyomi and Deiara's Mission

"Kyomi, you're back. How are you and Yasu-Kun doing?" I asked the boy and the cat.

"Fine. I was in jail." Kyomi sighed. Yasu just smiled at Jess.

"Anyway Kyomi, you're mission is to build Jack Skellington a new house. You have to make it cat-proof." I explained. I summoned a portal to Halloween Town.

"Jack's waiting for you on the other side. When you're done, meet me by the Town Square." Kyomi nodded and went through a portal. Deiara came next.

"Hey Deiara, Spits and Hybrid are waiting for you in their lair. You gotta help sew without ice boy destroying everything." I smiled.

"Did you give me this mission just so Spits can hang out with me?" Deiara asked. I just smiled.

"Maybe... Just meet me in Town Square when you finished." I pointed to the portal. Deiara went inside.

"Now who wants to go with Mitsu to do her mission with her?" I asked everyone else.

Please continue Kyomi and Deiara...