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Doughboy Bros

Because I thought of it, and I can.

Secret Santa Wishlist 2022

Here's the new wishlist. Have fun! Or don't.

1. Ike, and his sister Mist from Fire Emblem, any age.
2. Zack Fair, being friends with either: Cloud, Tseng, Yuffie (As a child), Aerith, Angeal, Cissnei, or Sephiroth, from Final Fantasy VII.
3. Zelgius and Sigrun. (Ship. Fire Emblem)
4. Felix and Edelgard. (Ship. Fire Emblem)
5. Aran and Nephenee from Fire Emblem. I made up that they're siblings, so please draw them as such. They can be doing something related to farming. (Nephenee in game is a farmer.)
6. Ike and Soren* creating a strategy. (Fire Emblem)
7. BOTW Link and Zelda. (Ship)
8. Sephiran*, Altina, Micaiah, and Sanaki being a cute family together. (Fire Emblem)
9. Pontius, Zoya, and Amadeus from Trine.
10. Hojo(He has to look friendly and nice), Lucretia, and their son, Sephiroth. (Final Fantasy VII)
11. Izuka, (Fire Emblem) and Hojo (Final Fantasy VII) experimenting together.
12. Felix skateboarding. You can put him in some modern outfit. (Fire Emblem)
13. Gatekeeper and Byleth being buds. (Fire Emblem)
14. Hojo(Once again, he has to look friendly and nice.), reading a bedtime story to child Sephiroth, Genesis, and Angeal, like Gru from Despicable Me. As in, with a little book and puppets. (Final Fantasy VII)
15. Felix, with Byleth acting motherly. (Fire Emblem)
16. Kirby, Prince Fluff, and Meta Knight as humans. (Kirby Games)
17. The main boy from Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility, (I named him Vader) and Luna. This is a ship, but draw it in a cute way rather than romantic.
That also applies a little for the other ships. They don't have to be very romantic.

Give pants to the certain women who may be in need of them, and don't make up ships. Thank you!

*(He's a man.)

Concept Art

This is concept art for It's Called a Shirt. I still like how he turned out, so now it's here.

Another One

Another song from the FFVII Remake that I like is Seven Seconds Till The End. For what that's worth. :)

Secret Santa 2021 Wishlist

1. Ike from Fire Emblem, any age
2. Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII
3. A Zelgius x Sigrun picture (FE characters)
4. A Sephiran x Altina picture (FE characters)
5. Aran from Fire Emblem RD
6. Kirby
7. BOTW Link
8. Any of the above characters doing something inspired by a certain song or part of a song (e.g. my drawing Cloucina)