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Final Fantasy XV




EDIT: Okay, I literally just got into an argument with a friend over this, so I guess I'll address it here:

It's okay for people to dislike the direction the FF franchise appears to be heading in. It's okay to prefer turn-based combat over real-time.

What I resent is when people claim that the game is going to be bad solely because it is different from all FFs that have come before it. e.g. My friend. who hasn't even watched the trailer, literally asked, "What happened to good gameplay and storylines?" As though he knows the gameplay and storyline will be bad just because it's an action RPG.


*punches him*

I'm officially done with DRAMAtical Murder

Because it took me like a month to finish Ren's route for some reason, but yeah. It's over! *sobs forever*

Part of me wishes re:connect wasn't already being translated because once it's out, then DMMd really is over. I refuse to say goodbye to Noiz. Never!!

I'm not really sure how many people reading this would even be interested in this kind of thing, but juuust in case, I'm currently writing a long-running DMMd AU fanfic that can be found on tumblr. Honestly, I've found that writing DMMd fic has been very effective in weaning myself off of my crippling addiction to Noiz. T_T

so the new tropes vs women is out

Which can be found here.

There's a part towards the end where Anita argues that the true catalyst for many male characters isn't the actual loss of their "damsel in distress," but rather their own feelings of weakness/impotence at having failed to protect their own. This reminded me of a comment on an article I read a while back on street harassment:

In my experience, patriarchy tends to be all about men and tries to ignore women as much as possible. So its rarely ever about women, and more so about men trying to be better than other men.

Which I think is largely the reason why the one who kidnaps or kills the damsel is usually a fellow male. In the end, revenge tales in video games (and movies) tend to place the conflict/rivalry between the male characters above everything else, even further above the relationship between the man and the woman and the loss of that relationship.

Kind of a sidenote, but I've found that the idea that patriarchal societies are entirely centered on male competition does seem to hold weight--at the very least, it certainly puts many "women's issues" in a new light. (e.g. the idealization of female purity, friendzoning/"nice guy" self-victimization, etc etc)

Thanks everyone!

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes!

Honestly though, it scares me to think that I'm already twenty-three. Yikes. o-o