What the hell.

School is kind of sucking at the moment. If my last post was any indication.

Four weeks to save my grade in PreCalc. It's like I have a talent for letting certain grades FREE FALL right when second semester hits. And I have this growing paranoia that Kenyon will drop my ass in a second if they see that I'm sucking at Math. Which was the subject I scored poorest on in all my standardized tests. (Aside from my writing scores, that is. Seriously, HOW BS IS THAT.) Gahhh, I'm Asian; I'm not supposed to be bad at Math! What is going on. I must be defective. T____T

I'm still feeling kind of sick, though I think it's lack of sleep more than anything. It isn't even all that bad (5 hours/night is probably about average for the more overworked people out there), but I think I'm just incapable of functioning when I've slept for less than six hours. I don't think I'd even be able to SURVIVE an all-nighter; I would probably randomly pass out on a sidewalk or something the day after.

Ugggh. Thankfully, THERE IS FANDOM. *hugs the Internet*

This has got to be fake, but I find it HIGHLY amusing: Jaejoong has a facebook. It was funnier yesterday, since there was this message on the profile that was written in Japanese and was pretty Jaejoong-esque and everything. Apparently, there's also a Korean one, although that one is even MORE obviously fake, since from what I heard, the Korean isn't fluent at all. xDDD

Though how I wish it were real! Then I would have an actual reason to create a facebook. And then I could creepily stalk his account like no other omg. And Jae would type his posts in broken English because he's hilarious and adorb. like that.

I love the boys. They're like... walking anti-depressants. ^-^;;

EDIT: So I guess you can see not only the Worlds that the people you're subscribed to create, but also the ones they're members of? In which case, sorry if all of you are flooded with DBSK crap from here on out. (Not that that's unusual for you guys, I'm sure. *cough*)

I feel like such a n00b.


Sadly I'm going to have to figure this all out later because I am seriously swamped. I shouldn't even be online right now omg. I wasn't checking theO as obsessively as I normally would during downtime, since I had 20+ hours of homework to distract me over the past few days. NO FUCKING JOKE. And I have what may very well be six hours of studying to do tonight, not even including regular homework andandandand*cries*

AND it turns out I have some sort of skin condition in my ears and my doctor gave me these medicinal drops that CLOGGED MY LEFT EAR. I'M PARTIALLY DEAF RIGHT NOW.

AND the tutoring session with my cousin last weekend didn't go as well as I had hoped. I've been noticing that her main problem, one that affects all her subjects, seems to be memorization problems, and I just don't know how to address that. :/

Gah. Why isn't it spring break yet? Hell, why isn't it SPRING? T________T

EDIT: Wow, what a crappy first post. LOL

EDIT #2: What does "open to everyone" mean? Open for everyone to see? Open for everyone to join? o_o;;