Butterflykiss Vampire: "i'll never tell you.."
akatsuki death20 leon: takes the blade and puts it to his neck and says talk or this will be ur last day alive
Butterflykiss Vampire: "do it..it's better then living and having him find out i was defeted by two high schoolers!"
akatsuki death20 leon; looks at u and says a little help here
Butterflykiss Kiku: grabs the vampire by it's hair putting her gun to it's head "talk..now or i shoot you enough to make you feel pain but still live.."
akatsuki death20 leon: smiles at his gf
Butterflykiss Vampire: looks at Kiku and sighs "fine..his name is Josh..." smirks slicing his throat with Leons sword slowly bleeding out "he's here in this school..." dies
akatsuki death20 leon: shall we hunt him now
Butterflykiss: Kiku: yeah..
akatsuki death20 leon: well lets go baby and make him pay
Butterflykiss: Kiku: right
Butterflykiss Kiku: starts to walk down the hallway
akatsuki death20 leona: only thing is the schools locked
akatsuki death20 leon: most of the rooms are locked righ
Butterflykiss: Kiku: damn your right
Butterflykiss: Kiku: we need a key to get in so the teachers wont notice anything tomorrow *rubs back of head*
akatsuki death20 hey g2g for now can ya pst it in the world
akatsuki death20 ill brb gonna get shower k
Butterflykiss: h ok
Butterflykiss: yeah i can
akatsuki death20 ty abd brb
Butterflykiss: sure thing
Butterflykiss floats inthe air "la da da da i'm gonna bury you in the ground, la da da daa i'm gonna bury with you my sound~♪"
akatsuki death20 bk
Butterflykiss: wow
akatsuki death20 and did u post in the world
Butterflykiss: that was fast
Butterflykiss: working on it now
Butterflykiss: wb btw
akatsuki death20 smiles
Butterflykiss: hehe
akatsuki death20 leon: ready to go into the room
Butterflykiss: Kiku: yeah
Butterflykiss Kiku: goes to open it but stops
Butterflykiss: Kiku: wait we dont have the key
akatsuki death20 lon knocks down the door
akatsuki death20 leon
Butterflykiss: Kiku: or we could do that..
akatsuki death20 leon; baby u know u loved it
Butterflykiss Kiku: walks inside looking around with a slight smirk on her face "yeah yeah"
akatsuki death20 hows the post comming along
Butterflykiss: all most done editing it
akatsuki death20 leon damn no ones home how rude
Butterflykiss: k posted
Butterflykiss Kiku: chuckles walking out of the room
akatsuki death20 leon: listen hear those noises
akatsuki death20 leon: ah hell zombies
Butterflykiss: Kiku: *gets frozen in fear* z zombies?
akatsuki death20 leon seems like they arent even moving
akatsuki death20 leon; wtf is going on
Butterflykiss: Kiku: idk..
akatsuki death20 leon: do we kill them or leave em be
Butterflykiss: Kiku: i'm i'm not sure..lets just leave them be T-T
akatsuki death20 leon; k we need to find the boss
Butterflykiss Kiku: walks down the hall
Butterflykiss: Kiku: where do you think he would be?
akatsuki death20 leon; roof i think
Butterflykiss Kiku: goes to the roof keeping quiet to see if anyone is there
Butterflykiss: Kiku: no ones...
Butterflykiss Kiku: she screams being dragged into the shadows
akatsuki death20 leon: smiles as we go up
akatsuki death20 leon: this is gonna be fun
Butterflykiss Kiku: is no where to be found all thats left is her gun laying on the ground
akatsuki death20 leon: seems like vampy lied to us
Butterflykiss ???: "oh no he did nothing of the sort"
akatsuki death20 leon: wtf
akatsuki death20 leon: who said that
Butterflykiss a man tall and skinny with long black hair walks out of the shadows holding Kiku by the hair a dagger to her thoat
akatsuki death20 leon: let her go
Butterflykiss: ???: hehe..and why should i do that?
akatsuki death20 leon: comes behind him without him knowing and has a blade to his neck cause if u dont u die
akatsuki death20 leon: also i want answers
Butterflykiss: ???: *laughs* young man i can not die by a simple blade...and what are those answers?
akatsuki death20 ;leon: lol simple blade u dumb vamp this is a cursed blade known to kill anything so id watch my mouth if i was u. why did u come to town and who the hell are u
Butterflykiss: ???: my name is Vantias. and i came here because you and she are here..
akatsuki death20 leon; ok why us
Butterflykiss: Vantias: because..you two are special..you two will get in the way of our plans
akatsuki death20 leon: it aint gonna matter cause ur not going out of here alive
akatsuki death20 leon: idk ur plan but ur gonna find out u messed wioth the wrong people
Butterflykiss: Vantias: ahhahah you dont let me go..*presses dagger to Kiku's throat more" she dies
akatsuki death20 she dissapers in front of him
akatsuki death20 leon as i was saying u die today
Butterflykiss Kiku: runs behind Leon griping his shirt
Butterflykiss: Vantias: even if i die they will still carry out the mission haha
akatsuki death20 leon: wanna bet shurlock
akatsuki death20 'shirlock
akatsuki death20 leon: ur not the only one with mineons here
akatsuki death20 leon: im froma clan called the cursed one
Butterflykiss: Vantias: well then...let the games beginn
Butterflykiss vantias: vanishes in a cloud of smoke
akatsuki death20 leon damn him
akatsuki death20 leon: seems like things are gonna get interesting
Butterflykiss: Kiku: yeah
akatsuki death20 leon; he isnt gonna get away
akatsuki death20 explosions happen down stairs
Butterflykiss kiku: turns around to look
akatsuki death20 leon:lookss like they found the c4
akatsuki death20 leon: we better get outta here
Butterflykiss: Kiku; yeah
akatsuki death20 runs like hell
Butterflykiss Kiku: follows right after him
akatsuki death20 leon; damn that was close
akatsuki death20 leon: this makes things harder on us now
Butterflykiss Kiku: pants out of breath
Butterflykiss: Kiku: y yeah
akatsuki death20 leon: im confused though
Butterflykiss: Kiku: you too?
akatsuki death20 leon: he said us earlier idk what that means
Butterflykiss: Kiku: neither do I..but i have a feeling we'll find out
akatsuki death20 leon: so tru
akatsuki death20 true
Butterflykiss Kiku: looks at him
Butterflykiss: Kiku: can we please go home now?
akatsuki death20 leon; yes lets go
Butterflykiss: Kiku: *grabs his hand and walks home*
akatsuki death20 leon; smikles as we get home
akatsuki death20 leon: what a long day
Butterflykiss kiku: plops on the sofa
Butterflykiss: Kiku: yeah..all i wanna do is sleep
Butterflykiss: ok i gtg
Butterflykiss: eyes need a break lol
akatsuki death20 ok ill post it

part two

akatsuki death204658: leon: wakes up groggy

akatsuki death204658: leon: what time is it

Butterflykiss Kiku: it's 7:50

akatsuki death204658: leon: wow i slept late

Butterflykiss Kiku: *standing right over him* yeah you did heh *kisses his cheek* not get up we have school

akatsuki death204658: leon;can we just stay home argh we was up all night trying to figure out why there is a damn hole where the mall was

Butterflykiss Kiku: *stares at him silintly for a few moments* ..that is true..alright we can miss a day or two

akatsuki death204658 elon: brings her next to him and flls bk alseep

Butterflykiss Kiku: smiles and pets his head lightly while he sleeps

Butterflykiss Kiku: sleep well leon..

akatsuki death204658: leon: wakes up a hour later to screaming down the street

Butterflykiss Kiku: gets up fast and goes to the window

Butterflykiss Leon!..we have trouble

akatsuki death204658: leon: naw ya think

akatsuki death204658: leon: gets his blades and puts em on his back

Butterflykiss Kiku: grabs her guns and runs out the door

akatsuki death204658: leon; ill gaurd the front here k

Butterflykiss Kiku: ok

akatsuki death204658: leon;damn one hell of a way to wake up

akatsuki death204658: not exactly my first choice ether

Butterflykiss Kiku: not mine either..

Butterflykiss Kiku: points her guns at the street waiting

akatsuki death204658: leon; any idea wtf is going on

akatsuki death204658: leon; idk whats going on or what is comming

Butterflykiss Kiku: not a clue but we'll find out

Butterflykiss a young girl goes running down the street being chased by looks like a corpse a living corpse

akatsuki death204658: leon; song of a monkeys uncle we have zombies

akatsuki death204658: son

Butterflykiss Kiku: ...zombies..

Butterflykiss a look of pure fear comes on her face..she fears zombies

Butterflykiss Kiku: *fires her gun at it* please stay dead please stay dead!

akatsuki death204658: leon: stbbs the other zombie but no work

akatsuki death204658: leon: note to self knives and swords suck on zombies

Butterflykiss Kiku: well no duh!

Butterflykiss Kiku: *keeps firing till she finally blows it head off*

akatsuki death204658: leon; gets his gun and blasts zombies away

Butterflykiss Kiku: lowers her gun after they are all dead

akatsuki death204658: leon; finally

Butterflykiss Kiku: this is a dream..this is a dream..*runs back to the house in fear*

akatsuki death204658: leon; nope no dream and damn zombies made me run outta ammo

Butterflykiss Kiku: this has to be a dream Zombies aren't real

Butterflykiss Kiku: flops down on the couch curling up

akatsuki death204658: leon; well we need to investigate it

akatsuki death204658 leon turnas on his laptop

Butterflykiss Kiku: no! i am not going back out there with those...those things

akatsuki death204658 leon omg look at this hun

Butterflykiss Kiku: looks over his shoulder

akatsuki death204658: zombie and vampire attacks everywhere

Butterflykiss Kiku:..i can deal with vampires but zombies?

akatsuki death204658: leon; we need to do something about our town

Butterflykiss Kiku: .....fine

akatsuki death204658: leon; kisses her softly and says ill protect u k

Butterflykiss Kiku: kisses back hugging his arm

Butterflykiss Kiku: okay

akatsuki death204658: leon: well lets get ready we our gonna patrol the town

Butterflykiss Kiku: right

Butterflykiss Kiku: gets up and goes to her room

akatsuki death204658: leon; grabs ammo and his ak47 and a silver knife

Butterflykiss Kiku: puts silver bulets in her guns and grabs a few stakes

akatsuki death204658: leon: ya ready hun

Butterflykiss Kiku: as ready as i'm gonna be..

Butterflykiss Kiku: stands next to him

akatsuki death204658: leon; takes her hand and walks outta the house

Butterflykiss Kiku: holds his hand tight walking with him

Butterflykiss Kiku: where first?

akatsuki death204658: leon; the school

Butterflykiss Kiku: right..so much for our day away huh?

akatsuki death204658: leon: sounds about right and looks into the darkness

Butterflykiss Kiku: *grips his hand a bit tighter*

akatsuki death204658: leon: we got 3 vampires

Butterflykiss Kiku: ok...lets..lets do this i guess *grabs her gun*

akatsuki death204658 leon yea seems easy enough

akatsuki death204658: leon: gotta say this has been a interestin day

Butterflykiss Kiku: grabs a stake and gets her gun ready as they fly out at them

Butterflykiss Kiku: interesting is an *shoots one* understatment

akatsuki death204658: leon: hits the middles vampire with his sword

akatsuki death204658: leon; lets capture one to see if we can get any info

Butterflykiss Kiku: ok!

akatsuki death204658: leon: pins one down as u kill the other 2

Butterflykiss Kiku: *throws a stake in one and shoots the other*

Butterflykiss Kiku: runs over to Leon

akatsuki death204658: leon: ok vampy talk or die

Butterflykiss Vampire: "what do you want me to say?"

akatsuki death204658: leon; who is ur leader

Butterflykiss Vampire: "i'll never tell you.."

akatsuki death20: leon: takes the blade and puts it to his neck and says talk or this will be ur last day alive

Butterflykiss Vampire: "do it..it's better then living and having him find out i was defeted by two high schoolers!"

akatsuki death20: leon; looks at u and says a little help here

Butterflykiss Kiku: grabs the vampire by it's hair putting her gun to it's head "talk..now or i shoot you enough to make you feel pain but still live.."

akatsuki death20: leon: smiles at his gf

Butterflykiss Vampire: looks at Kiku and sighs "fine..his name is Josh..." smirks slicing his throat with Leons sword slowly bleeding out "he's here in this school..." dies

akatsuki death20: leon: shall we hunt him now

Butterflykiss Kiku: yeah..

akatsuki death20: leon: well lets go baby and make him pay

Butterflykiss Kiku: right

Butterflykiss Kiku: starts to walk down the hallway

akatsuki death20: leona: only thing is the schools locked

akatsuki death20: leon: most of the rooms are locked righ

Butterflykiss Kiku: damn your right

Butterflykiss Kiku: we need a key to get in so the teachers wont notice anything tomorrow *rubs back of head*

part2 1/3

Butterflykiss4248 joined the room.
Butterflykiss4248: bawhahaha
akatsuki death205506 welcome to da darkside
akatsuki death205506 we have cookies
Butterflykiss4248: XDDDD
akatsuki death205506 net morning
akatsuki death205506 next
akatsuki death205506 leon: ok so what we gonna do with the big hole in the ground
Butterflykiss4248: Kiku: no clue
akatsuki death205506 leon: we need to investigate farther into it
Butterflykiss4248: Kiku: yup
akatsuki death205506 leon; kisses her softly as he gets to he kitchen
Butterflykiss4248: Kiku: kisses back
akatsuki death205506 leon: look on the news see if anything happened
Butterflykiss4248: i gtg sorry
Butterflykiss4248: love ya
Butterflykiss4248 hugs
akatsuki death205506 love ya to
Butterflykiss4248 left the room. (Logged out)


i need some ideas help is needed i wanna make a plot to this rp and need all the help i can get

please help


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akatsuki death20 welcome
Butterflykiss6927: thanks
akatsuki death20 my chars name is leon for the rp
Butterflykiss6927: leon |D
Butterflykiss6927: mine will be~~~
Butterflykiss6927: hmmm
Butterflykiss6927: Kiku
akatsuki death20 ok
Butterflykiss6927: ok so whats the story?
akatsuki death20 the story is werre vampries that had went to a vampire school but things in town started going ti hell anbd other types of vampires zombies and others showed t=up so techicly we are on a quest
akatsuki death20 im adding more to it later on
Butterflykiss6927: kk
akatsuki death20 sound good
Butterflykiss6927: totallu
Butterflykiss6927: *y
akatsuki death20 hugs
Butterflykiss6927 hugs
Butterflykiss6927: ready when you are
akatsuki death20 leon; do i have to wake up
akatsuki death20 leon: i hate waking up
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: stands over him
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: yeah we do we'll be late for school if you dont
akatsuki death20 leon: yes i know
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: "now hurry up" walks out of the room
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: ties her bow and fixes her outfit grabing her bag
akatsuki death20 leon follows her and wakes up
Butterflykiss6927 walks out the door
akatsuki death20 ok can our chars be a cvouple
Butterflykiss6927: sure
akatsuki death20 couple
akatsuki death20 leon takes her hand in his and smiles
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: smiles slightly with her cheeks turning pink
akatsuki death20 LEON smiles as they walk into the class
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: kisses his cheek and goes to her seat
Butterflykiss6927 Teacher: "alright class take you seats its time to start"
akatsuki death20 leon : takes his seat
Butterflykiss6927 3 hours later LUNCH TIME~
akatsuki death20 leon: class was normal day
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: yawns "how boring"
akatsuki death20 leon: kisses her and takes a seat on the bench
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: kisses back and sits next to him
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: hey leon, what do we have to do after school today?
akatsuki death20 leon wanna go to the mall
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: sure i have to get some stuff
akatsuki death20 leon smiles
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: tucks some of her long silver hair behind her ear with a smile
akatsuki death20 leon: : takes her hand and goes to the mall only to see a big hole where the mall was
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: eyes get big "w..what the hell happened?!"
akatsuki death20 leon: wtf happened to it weird
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: goes over to the hole "this is more then weird"
akatsuki death20 leon holy hell thats messed up
akatsuki death20 leon : this isnt normal
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: no it isn't
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: "..come on lets go home" grabs Leons hand
akatsuki death20 leon: ok and follows her
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: walks inside the house with Leon and locks the door
Butterflykiss6927: Kiku: i have a bad feeling about this Leon
akatsuki death20 leon; agree that hole isnt normal
Butterflykiss6927: Kiku: no it wasn't..it was a perfect hole..nothing could make that perfect
akatsuki death20 leon: makes me wonder this is ede relatvampir
akatsuki death20 vampire related
Butterflykiss6927: Kiku: it's possible
akatsuki death20 leon; after today it wouldnt suprise me
Butterflykiss6927: Kiku: same here..
Butterflykiss6927: Kiku: but how do we prove it was them?
akatsuki death20 leon: no idea
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: sits down
Butterflykiss6927: Kiku: maybe we should go back? see if we can find a clue
akatsuki death20 leon: yea i think so too
Butterflykiss6927: Kiku: well..lets go do it
akatsuki death20 leon: smiles and goes with
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: puts her hood over her head and walks with him
akatsuki death20 leon: comes to a even bigger hole. holy mother of god
Butterflykiss6927: Kiku: what the heck...
akatsuki death20 leon: ok wtf is going on
Butterflykiss6927: Kiku: good question
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: slides down into the hole
akatsuki death20 leon: stay on gaurd
Butterflykiss6927: Kiku: got it
akatsuki death20 leon: hear that noises
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: hears it too pulling a small knife out of her sleave
Butterflykiss6927: Kiku: you hear that?
akatsuki death20 leon: yea atleaste 3 of them
Butterflykiss6927: Kiku: yeah...
akatsuki death20 leon: they dont sound nice
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: starts to climb out of the hole
akatsuki death20 leon: hmmmm this is no goodt
Butterflykiss6927: Kiku: no it isn't...they're getting closer
akatsuki death20 leon; gets my sword out
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: stands next to Leon
akatsuki death20 leon; this is weird
Butterflykiss6927: Kiku: yeah it is...
akatsuki death20 leon; they smelt our secent
akatsuki death20 smells
Butterflykiss6927: Kiku: great...why dont they come out already? i dont like that they aren't attacking
akatsuki death20 leon; lets surround them
akatsuki death20 leon: goes to the left
Butterflykiss6927 Kiku: goes to the right and attacks them
akatsuki death20 leon ok all of em are dead
Butterflykiss6927: shoot i gtg
Butterflykiss6927: see ya later dad
Butterflykiss6927: errr
Butterflykiss6927: suki
akatsuki death20 k
Butterflykiss6927 left the room. (Logged out)