um well Im not really sure why Im writing a new post coz I dont really have anything interesting to say. guess its coz Im bored lol anyway, I guess Im feeling a little bit unsure of myself and confused with my life these days. anyway, at least I said something meaningful I guess lol. AND SOMEONE PM ME!! I haven't spoken to anyone on here in days lol.


hey guys its been a while hasnt it lol anyway, what you all been upto while I was away for sooooooooooooooooo long? I hope you've all been ok and have been behaving lol. as I said last time I was online, I have a myspace and facebook account.

my myspace is:

and my facebook is:

anyway, I'll catch you all later. pm me coz I wanna know how your all doing

.....cant think of a good title lol

hey guys how you doing. Sorry I havent been on much lately (again) but I just haven't really felt like coming here that much (and nobody is replying to my PM's so....yeah, Im feeling a little neglected at the moment). other then that, I started a facebook and myspace account the other Day but I haven't had a chance to put pictures up yet (mainly coz I dont have any pictures of me and haven't gotten round to taking any lol)
if you wanna add me on either....your gonna have to look for me on there. sorry I cant give you a link to my profile on either site but they are both blocked here at college. If I get online later I'll post links to them both. anyway, how have all you guys been lately and what you all been upto? catch you all later

long time no post

hey guys how have you been. sorry I haven't been online in a while but I've been busy at college and this site is really getting on my nerves at the moment. since I use the internet on my phone and my phone refuses to open comment boxes on this site anymore it might be a while before I comment on anything so Im sorry about that but Id just like to let you know that Im still here. see you all later


hey everyone. just quickly posting to ask you all how you are and if you like Virsion vibrant so far. anyway, catch you all later