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Eleven students were confined in an overly decorated dining room. Terrified, they tried to figure out why they were forcefully taken.

It was so hard to like these characters. For being a group of friends, they couldn’t cooperate. I also feel like they dragged this series for way too long. Like seriously, what is up with the long pauses?! I get trying to create a sense of suspense but I was bored by it instead. I decided to watch this for 2 days (all 12 episodes plus the special episode) cause I just wanna get through it. The story isn’t bad at all but there were too many twists!

I think that the story is made for the members of Keyakizaka46, I mean they didn’t even bother to change the names and opted to use their real names. I bet they are also sporting the same style too from their other stage works (can’t say that for sure but I’ve seen that happen). I don’t know much about acting to say they were bad actors but I gotta say I was bored but I feel some of them were a bit monotone. I get acting as a timid person but timid doesn’t mean boring. But that’s just how I feel. There are exceptions of course, like Kyoko Saito who played this hotheaded tomboyish character. It was annoying sometimes because all she does is shout but can you blame her, the scene was just too stretched. Memi Kakizaki, at her ending scene, her performance as this mostly terrified character to suddenly switch to an almost crazy girl that was entertaining to watch. And Yuuka Kageyama, well, I don’t really remember her scenes as memorable but she looks so much like Chiyaki Kuriyama. Her portrayal was just average at best. I think this is a smart move for the group, to have a drama available on Netflix to get more eyes on them.

The overall story I think is good but there were just too many plot holes. I read explanation articles and reddit but, just like me, the plot holes were confusing.

One of the questions that I think I can explain is Miho’s 3 month disappearance. They said that the only thing they found on the beach is her wheelchair. I don’t know what the weather was at the time or if the wheelchair was found on some platform. My guess is fell from the wheelchair and since she really could swim without her legs, she might have been taken by the waves, almost drowned but was saved with temporary amnesia. She could have been taken far away to the point no one knew who she was.

The girls vanishing during the blackout was one of the most confusing especially after Kage’s statement in the last episode. I was thinking the cuffs on their ankles act as an anchor. Everytime they would disappear they would feel or see water coming from underneath their cuffs. I thought that they would just sink into the ocean. But with Kage saying they were safe at the moment, means they were just underneath the room. I do believe there are several trapdoors in the room cause one of the girls said she witnessed Hayashi being swallowed by the floor.

Kage mentioned that she did have some help and has used her father’s money. One person that obviously helped her is Hayashi. He definitely had the hand on kidnapping the 10 girls. Hayashi is obviously in the control center when Kage is in the room. And when Kage vanished, they just switched places. As for creating the room in the ship, that could be explained by Kage and Hayashi preparing it over time or she hired someone to design it.

There were also extra scenes in some of the episode’s beginning. One that I couldn’t place is Miho in the car with a man (possibly her current boyfriend) and this man calling someone over the phone, a director. I think that director is Miho’s father. They were talking about “this” being also the director’s problem. I don’t know if it's a past memory since the man was telling Miho that he wanted her to be happy when he’s around. But that phone call could also indicate that its current and they found out all of Miho’s friends were missing.

Then there was that last line from Kage in episode 13, asking if we have uncovered all of their secrets. I mean doesn’t that mean I have to watch it again, or is that just a tease?

Will I recommend this? I mean sure. The story isn’t bad especially if you ignore the plot hole. I also like psychological drama but it just dragged on. Just for the mystery alone, there’s a chance that I’ll recommend this if asked.

Poor Kaito (Vocaloid fanfiction)

Kaito woke up in his bed, the curtains already opened, birds happily chirps right outside his window, aromatic coffee is waiting for him, and it was such a promising day. He feels that it’s a day that anything can happen, a positive feeling came over him, he felt that he can finally finish that song he’s been writing for a weeks. But the only problem is, he’s bedridden.

“Good Morning Kaito-san, how are you feeling?” a white haired soft spoken boy said as he drink a cup of coffee.

“Good Morning to you too, Piko-kun. As to how I’m feeling well I’m fine, a bit sore but I’m fine” Kaito answered weakly but still managed to smile.

Piko looked at him confused he thought how can he be alright in his condition? He got bruises and he’s covered in bandages. “What happened to you anyway?” he finally asked.

“It’s a long story” Kaito said as he struggles to sit up but Piko assisted him.

“I just finished recording yesterday, so I’m free for the whole day.” Piko explained while fluffing a pillow for Kaito to lean on.

“Well then…” Kaito scratching his bandage-covered head but suddenly paused.

“What’s wrong Kaito-san? Do you need to lie down?”

“No, but tell me something”

“What is it?”

“Am I missing a tooth?” Kaito flashed his teeth


“Oh…” Kaito sighed then started his story.

- - - - -

It started when I saw Miku looking sad as she ended a phone call. She explained that Megumi was supposed to go shopping with her but Megumi suddenly had recording to do. So I thought it would be a great to spend time with Miku, since lately she’s been working so much and I rarely see her.

We went from store to store, trying different outfits and she even helped find new clothes. In every shop she always buys something and as a gentleman I carried the shopping bags for her. I think I was carrying about 50 bags when we decided to go home but suddenly her fans spotted her.

“I think we should go, Miku-chan” I suggested.

“No, that would be rude and beside I would like to meet my fans. And you’re here too, it would be such a treat for them as well.” She answered

So there I stood beside Miku, she was happily smiling as her fans rushing to us. They were talking pictures of us at first, then I was pushed aside by some of her fans, some even asked me to take a picture of them with Miku and someone even accidentally stepped on my foot. But Miku handled her fans so well and her fans left happy with pictures and autographs.

When we got home, I thought I could relax and spend more time with her but she got a call from her manager and left in a hurry. I think she was going to sign a contract to endorse a car or something. After that I just thought of indulging myself with some ice cream, but we don’t have some on the fridge. So I decided to get some in the nearest convenience store and on the way, I met Gakupo.

“Hey, Kaito!” he casually greeted me, “Got anything to do today?” standing honorably as any samurai would.

“None, but I was going-”

“I need your help” he suddenly said with a serious tone in his voice.

“What is it, Gakupo-san?”

“I need to get to the other side.” He pointed at the wall. It looks really tall and even for a samurai such as him he can’t go over without assistance.

“What’s in there?” I asked as he positions me facing the wall.

“A challenge from my father” he simply answered.

“Father? I don’t think you have mention your-” I turn around to face him, only to be stepped on my head and use me as leverage. The impact through me off balance and I felt the pavement on my face.

“Kaito-san!” I heard him call me, “thank you and I shall see you later.”

I spun around and lay on the pavement just in time for me to see him jump down to the other side of the wall. I wanted to get up after that but I felt a bit sore and somehow laying there looking at the beautiful clear blue sky is comforting. The wind felt wonderful as well, I thought of just laying there on the road a bit longer but someone interrupted me…

“Kaito-niichan, what are you doing?” a yellow short haired girl said her face blocking my view of the sky.

“Do you have to ask that, Rin? He’s probably making a fool of himself again” her twin brother said.

“Don’t be so mean, Len.”

I sat up, they both looked like they were in a hurry but they still listened as I explained what happened.

“So you’re not doing anything today.” Rin said and I simply nodded.

“Good!” Len said as he dumped clothes on my lap. “Put these on.”

“What’s this for?” I asked

“We need your assistance, Kaito-niichan. Please hurry and put them on.” Rin said sweetly as they both smiled.

How could I resist, those cute kids, so without any more questions I dressed up. The problem with those clothes on is I can’t see anything. They led me somewhere and from where we are I can hear a faint sound of a crowd of people. But I kept my cool until…

“Kaito-niichan, as much as possible, please do not move.” Len instructed me

“Why, where are we?” I asked

“We’re on stage for a dance competition” I heard Rin’s answer

“Dance competition? I don’t know you’re routine and I can’t see anything!”

“You don’t have to do anything; all you need to do is stand as still as you can!” Len answered this time as he positioned my arms outwards.

“And for the next act!” I heard the host said, it turns out we were already on stage behind the curtains. “Rin and Len’s new sing and dance act, the Kung-fu Kick!!”

Upon hearing the title of their dance act, I knew I’m gonna be in trouble. I’m guessing at the time I’m dressed up as a dummy. They were kicking at me in sync with the music and as instructed I didn’t move and stay still as I can. But I have to say, the new song is quite catchy, it went perfectly well with the twin’s voices.

The next thing I knew, I’m in a clinic. The nurse said Rin and Len asked her to look out for me as soon as they come back. Whatever they’re last move was, it knocked me out, I just hope I didn’t mess up their routine.

I do feel tried from what has happened so far that day. So I started to relax, the window is right beside my bed and outside is, a baseball field. There was a match going but the crowd was far away so it wasn’t that noisy, I don’t know why but there’s something relaxing to the crowd cheering softly. It was a warm afternoon too and I was starting to feel sleepy as the cicadas sing. Then my phone rang…


“Luka-chan? What is it?”

“Do you know where Gakupo is? I can’t seem to contact him.”

“I met him this morning. He got some kind of challenge from his father.”

“Oh! That’s why…” Luka’s voice trailed off

“What’s wrong?”

“Well, Gakupo-san promised he’ll accompany to the river today. I wanted to catch some fish.”

She sounded disappointed so I decided to accompany her. So I went to the river with her, she’s really good at fishing, we had fun! She caught so much fish too and filled several large pails. We carried them back to the house.

“This is the last pail Luka-chan!” I called out but Luka is nowhere. I went at the backyard, thinking she probably started cooking. She said she’s going to prepare our dinner for everyone, but she wasn’t there.

Suddenly, I heard the door shut loudly in the kitchen and went back, I heard things were being violently moved around. In there I found Meiko rummaging through the cabinets, while mumbling “It’s not fair!... Those men… They just don’t want to… Arg!”

“Meiko-san, what are you looking for?” I asked

She quickly spun around, with that annoyed look on her face. For a second she looked at me and said “You’ll do!” and her expression changed to something mischievous. She dragged me outside the house.

“Where are you taking me, Meiko-san?!”

“You’ll see, just come on, hurry up!” Meiko answered and continued to drag me until we entered a pub.

“Hey boys! I found myself a drinking partner!!” Meiko called out to a couple of guys sitting at the bar.

“Him? All that guy eats is ice cream, he won’t last!” one of the guys said.

“This will be easy!” the other guy high-fived his friend.

“Meiko-san,” I whispered “they are right, I don’t drink remember?”

“You don’t need to drink a lot! I know I can beat these two with just me alone!” Meiko laughed.

The drinking contest started, I didn’t plan to drink much but every time I finish a bottle, Meiko would force a bottle in my mouth. I don’t remember how many bottles I had but I was getting dizzy. But I tried to stay strong for Meiko.

Before I knew it, the two guys have passed out. Meiko and I won, everyone in the pub was cheering and applauding. And the next thing I know, I woke up here.

- - - - -

“That’s a lot, Kaito-san.” Piko started “How are you able to endure this? I mean I know this is not the first time this happened. And your fans… come to think of it, you don’t have a lot of decent songs out there.”

“Yes, I really hate it. They always do this to me! And not only that the fans keeps making me do things, I don’t want to, singing silly parodies of sexy songs, pairing me with other male vocaloids and always making me UKE!” Kaito said angry and almost teary eyed.

Piko stayed silent, not knowing what the right thing to say, he figured that Kaito would feel better if he vent out his anger. For a moment they were silent, suddenly Miku entered the room.

“Kaito-niichan!” Miku said almost crying.

“Miku-chan, what’s the wrong?” Kaito said worriedly.

“I heard you were hurt so I came here as soon as I can! Are you alright oniichan?”

“Yeah I’m fine, don’t worry!” he winced at the pain as he slaps his own legs, but still managed to smile.

“What a relief, I was so worried.” Miku handed him a gift, “Here, I brought you something”. Kaito opened it excitedly, it was a brand new blue scarf similar to what he usually wear. “I saw you looking at that when we were at the store yesterday, so I bought it for you.” Miku smiled.

“Thank you, Miku-chan!” Kaito wrapped it around his neck.

“Kaito-nichan!!” Len and Rin jumped in his bed as soon as they entered. Both ignoring the fact they are hurting Kaito, anyway he didn’t show any signs that he’s hurt.

“Where did you run off to yesterday?” Rin asked. “Yeah, we wanted to celebrate with you!” Len followed.

“Celebrate?” Miku asked.

“We joined a dance competition yesterday and we won!” Rin answered.

“It was awesome! Kaito-niisan fell dramatically in sync with our routine!” Len excitedly narrated. “But then we found out that he just passed out.”

“But no matter! It was still awesome, if we used an actual dummy, the outcome wouldn’t be perfect!” Rin gave Kaito a hug, making Kaito wince but he tried to not show any signs.

“As a reward we thought of giving you some ice cream!” Len jumped out of the bed and pulled out a pint of Kaito’s favorite ice cream from a brown paper bag they brought with them.

Kaito happily congratulated the twins, thanked them for the ice cream and started eating.

“I told you he’s okay!” Meiko said as soon as he saw Kaito.

Luka stood beside her still looking nervous. “Well, it’s probably because he doesn’t remember what happened to him.”

“What did happen last night, I can’t remember anything after the drinking contest?” Kaito asked as he continued to eat.

“You don’t wanna know” Luka recalled the events after that. She followed Kaito and Meiko to the pub and after they were announced winners, Meiko accidentally hit Kaito in the head with a beer bottle. They both carried Kaito home but since Meiko was drunk, it was a wobbly trip. And on a stairway they accidentally dropped Kaito where he earned most of his cuts and bruises.

“How drunk were you that you don’t remember anything?” Miku curiously asked

“He only had two bottles…” Meiko disgustedly answered

“Two?!” Rin said surprised

“Even I can drink two bottles and-” But even before Len could finish his sentence Rin covered his mouth.

“LEN!!” Miku, Luka and Kaito said in unison and started to scold him.

As soon as the argument was over, Gakupo and Megumi entered. “Kaito-san, how are you feeling?” Megumi started.

“I’m fine, Megumi-chan” he smiled and eat another spoonful of ice cream

“I really have to thank you for yesterday” Gakupo said, “My father was pleased with me and complimented me upon clearing my challenge. He also congratulated me with the songs I have recorded so far. He is so happy with my performance that he decided to record a couple of songs himself!”

“Wow!” “No way!” “Sugoi!” “Awesome!” they said excitedly at Gakupo’s announcement.

“That’s great! I can’t wait to hear Gackt-sama’s versions of your songs!” Kaito said.

“All thanks to you! If you didn’t help me, I wouldn’t be able to finish my challenge yesterday. You are a true friend, Kaito-san” Gakupo said bowing to Kaito

Piko stood by the window watching everyone gather around Kaito. ‘I was wondering how you were able to endure all this,’ he thought ‘although you clearly get hurt by them and sometimes your fans, you still manage to smile in the end. You wanted to make everyone happy!’

“Piko-kun?” Kaito said as soon as he caught him staring at him.

“Kaito-sempai…” Piko started with a serious look on his face, the rest we’re bewildered why he called him ‘sempai’. “Please teach me your ways!” he bowed at Kaito.

“What?!” “You don’t want to be like him!” “No way!” “You’re kidding, right?” “Pick someone else as your sempai!” They all said as if Kaito isn’t in the same room, all the while Kaito was shocked but happy at this proposal.


- = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = -
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seriously no Vocaloid category? well, there's a vocaloid game so I put it there... *sigh* seriously? vocaloid? category?

written: 07/28/2011

Deadline (a Devil May Cry animation fan fiction)

At the Devil May Cry Dante and Patty were playing cards by the coffee table. “HA! I won again!” Patty shouted in delight. Dante said nothing and moved to his table where he sat, rested his feet on the table and places an open book to cover his face. “Dante! Come on! Pay up!” Patty followed him standing across his table. “I don’t have any money” Dante said coldly. “WHAT! You owe me 20 ice creams already!” Patty reminded him “You can’t eat 20 ice creams at the same time. It’ll just make your head hurt.” “DANTE! ICE CREAM! NOW!” Patty shouted in annoyance.

Suddenly the door opened ringing the bell above it. A woman with short green hair stepped in. She has blue eye in her left eye and red on her right eye. “Oh a customer!” Patty happily announced. Dante lifted the book covering his face to look but places it back and said “She’s not a customer” Patty looked at Dante and back to the woman in confusion.

“Long time no see, Dante” the woman said. “You know each other?” Patty said. The woman walked over to Dante’s table and then looks at the Patty then back to Dante. “Is she your kid?” “NO WAY!” Patty said defensively. “Who are you then?” the woman asked “I’m Patty and I’m not a kid anymore! Who are you anyway?” Patty asked “Lady” “What are here for if you’re not a customer?” Lady laughs and said “I see you got an agent here, Dante. Tell me Patty, how much does this guy pay you?” “I’m not his agent and he still owes my 20 ice creams.” “Have you tried checking his wallet?” Lady suggested “No...” Patty answered.

Lady walks over beside Dante, she then kicks his chair causing him to fall off his chair. “Hey what are you doing?” exclaimed Dante. Lady didn’t answer and just give him another kick that would make him lay on his stomach. She then place her left foot on to Dante’s back. “Take his wallet” Lady said to Patty. “Whoa! I wish I have thought of that” Patty opened his wallet and is clearly disappointed. “Well, how much is in it?” Lady asks. Patty looked at Lady and showed her the empty wallet.

Lady gave Dante another kick. “Are you happy now?” Dante stood up from the floor. “Hmph!” Lady turned her back to Dante and started walking towards the door. “Is that it?” Dante added. Lady opened the door ringing the bell above it and before completely walking out of the door she said “There are more coming if don’t pay up.” The door closed ringing the bell once more. Dante sat back to his chair placing his feet above the table again. “Women...” Dante mumbled and placing a book on his face again.

“She’s gone... Dante you better get more jobs so you can pay up already!” Patty suggested but Dante didn’t answer. He appears to be sleeping already. Patty slumped and just sat in the couch watching her telenovelas on the little TV in the coffee table.

A few minutes later the bell rang again. The opened a woman with long blonde hair came in. “Oh a customer!” Patty stood up to greet her but then she noticed something about her. “Wait! Aren’t you the girl in the picture on Dante’s table?” Dante lifted the book to take a look. “It’s been a long time since I last came here” the woman said but Dante didn’t answer and instead just placed the book on his face again. “Hey that’s not how you treat an old colleague” The woman said then she noticed Patty standing by the couch. “Hey is she your kid?” the woman asked Dante.

But it wasn’t Dante how answered. “Arg! I’m not his kid or his agent and he still owes me!” Patty explained. “I can’t believe you borrow money from little kids” the woman walks to Dante’s table. “Well actually he didn’t borrow money from me...” Patty said “How does he owe you?” “He lost a card game and he now owes me 20 ice creams.” The woman laughed “He’s never really good with gambling!” “So true!” Patty laughed too.

“Anyway aren’t you the girl in the picture?” Patty asked. “Picture? Oh that! I’m afraid not” the woman turned to Dante and said “I can’t believe you haven’t told her” “It’s none of her business” he said without removing the book from his face. Patty sulked “then who are you?” she asked.

“I’m Trish, Dante’s old partner” “Oh so that means you have a mission for Dante!” Patty excitedly said. “Not really. I’m here for other reasons.” Trish walked to Dante. “Where’s my money?” she demanded. “I don’t have any.” Dante replied. Trish walked over to Dante and grabbed him by the collar. She then pulled him throwing him on the floor. With Dante lying on his stomach again Trish anchored her foot to Dante’s back. “Hey! What are you doing?” Dante asked. Trish just smiled she was about to get his wallet when Patty said “We already look there”. Patty showed her Dante’s wallet and opened it for her showing the inside of the wallet. “WE?!” Trish asked. “Yeah, Lady was here and did the same thing...” Patty answered. Trish gave Dante a kick, Dante sat up and said “Is that it?” Trish then gave Dante a punch right in the face. “What’s that for?” “And you wanted me to work with you again!” Trish then storms out of Dante’s office. “Women” Dante mumbles again.

Before the door fully closed Morrison walked in. “Was that Trish?” he asked but nobody answered him. Then Patty tried to give Dante a kick herself but he easily blocked. “What do you think your doing?” Dante asked. “For degrading us women!” Patty answered “You’re just a kid” Patty didn’t answer instead she stormed out of the door too completely ignoring Morrison standing by the door.

“What just happened here?” Morrison asked but Dante didn’t answer instead he sat in his chair. “Oh I know deadline day.” Morrison then pulled out a piece of paper out of his coat and placed them on top of Dante’s table “This would answer your problems.”

Later that night in an abandoned church. “What are you doing here?” Trish said sensing Lady nearby. “Probably the same reason you are” Lady answered “I was here first! Akuma’s mine!” “Hmp! So what! I’m going to kill that Akuma!” Both women then poised as if they are going to fight. “It doesn’t matter who’s here first. It’s who kills Akuma.” Dante said coming out from no where.

A roar was then heard just nearby, Dante, Lady and Trish looked where the noise came from. “hmmm... food!” Akuma said standing on top the ruined church. “I see our guest have arrived” Lady announced. “I hope you know how to dance!” Trish said jumping off the ground to attack the monster. Her initial attack wasn’t successful but with a quick move she punched Akuma right to his face. She then grabbed his face and repeatedly hit him with her knees. It knocks Akuma out off balance and now he’s laying on his back. Trish attacked again but before she could land her attack, Akuma gave her a kick right in the stomach that sent her flying off the roof to the ground.

Lady then immediately launched a rocket. A hit that knocked the monster off the roof and also fell in the ground but Akuma could still stand. Lady brought out her gun and fires repeatedly as she run towards the monster. She then tries to kick the monster but Akuma easily blocked it and grabbed her leg. Akuma swings her around and finally throwing her to the wall. The wall was destroyed and rubbles fall on Lady.

It’s Dante’s turn, he gave the same attack as Lady bringing out Ebony and Ivory to fire. When he was close enough it’s time for Rebellion. He was successful giving Akuma one damaging attack after another. But with a small opening the monster had an opportunity to back fire. Dante was about to swing his sword again when Akuma grabbed his sword. Akuma then immediately grabbed Dante’s neck with his other hand to suffocate him then throwing him across the field.

Akuma laughed “Humans are weak!” He continued to laugh but stopped when he heard a voice. “You think it’s over...” Trish said standing just behind him. “Is that all you can do?” Lady said behind the rubbles and the ruined wall. “That’s just the appetizer.” Dante standing in front of him.

Dante punched Akuma sending him to the ruined wall. Lady was there to attack Akuma repeatedly punching him and finally picking him up and throwing him across the field. He landed just near Trish. Trish used her powers to electrocute him while punching him too. Another call for her power sent Akuma off the ground and landing where Dante is waiting for him. With one last powerful slash, Akuma is cut in half, then falling to the ground dead.

“Looks like I won” Dante said without looking at the two women and then left the scene. The two women are left and for a while they looked at each other. “This is annoying!” Lady angrily. “Don’t worry we’ll still get paid” Trish said almost smiling.

The next day at Devil May Cry. Dante came in the back door. Lady was there playing pool while Trish is standing across the table watching Lady play and Morrison in the corner fixing the jukebox machine. “What are you guys doing here?” Dante asked while he approaches them. “Oh you know why we are here.” Lady answered. “You just got paid right? It’s time to pay your dues.” Trish added. Lady then throws the cue stick at Dante. He grabbed it but that was his mistake. Trish suddenly appeared behind him grabbing both ends of cue stick trapping him and enabling him to use his arms.

The bell on top of the door rang and the door revealed Patty. “Hi Lady! Hi Trish! What are you guys doing?” Patty said without any tone of surprise from what she is seeing. “Getting paid” Lady answered as she takes Dante’s wallet. “here we go!” Lady said smiling. When she finally opened the wallet she looked at Trish disappointed and immediately looked at Dante angry. “Don’t tell me you spent it all already!” Trish said almost shouting. “Then I won’t tell you” Dante answered. “Where’s are money!” Lady demanded. “Right here.” Patty answered showing the empty pizza boxes on the floor. “You spent it all on Pizza?!” Trish said loudly. “And strawberry sundaes...” Patty said holding empty boxes of strawberry sundaes.

Trish pushes Dante to the floor. Trish and Lady repeatedly kicked Dante. Patty sat on Dante’s chair while watching Dante’s misfortune. Morrison only glanced at them “Women... are dangerous...” he continued working on the Jukebox.

This is the first time I’m writing a fanfiction. I just recently watched the animated series of Devil May cry and I loved it. I’m currently the game now.
Sorry, my fight scenes, I’m very inexperienced in writing them.
Dante fans please don’t kill me... Onegai...
Characters are owned by Capcom

written: 8/22/2008
i know i can write better than this now but this is how i've written it when i first posted this. when i have the time, i will review and edit this and post it on my deviantart account. also i don't like capital letters. jk lol

Funky Forest: The First Contact

If are on the internet a lot, like myself, I bet you have seen this. I saw this particular clip a few years back. And as the title states, it is definitely the weirdest video you’ll ever see guaranteed! At the time, as much as I wanted to know more about this clip, I was unsuccessful as I am not as internet savvy before. It was just recently when the Fine Brothers have a Youtubers’ react episode to the said clip that I found the title.

First let me say that I have seen a quite a lot of Japanese movies. Some are terrifying, heart breaking, funny and some are so bizarre that no matter how many times you watch it there is no explaining on what you just watched. This is also the case in Funky Forest.

Funky Forest is a series of short stories. The setting is quite normal but there is a bit of weirdness in it that they pass up as normal everyday occurrence. This actually reminds me of the anime Nichijou. Kinda like the anime, the characters knew each other as friends, family, school mates or some random chicks they met in a hot spring resort.

The stories/events are unique to each other. There are a couple of stories based on the character’s dream, there is also a couple of story told by babbling vixens, and quite a few stories about aliens.

I have to point out though that there are scenes that if you have a dirty mind that can be seen as suggestive, seriously those aliens scenes.

If there is one story that spread throughout the whole movie, that would be relationships. Much like the guitar brother and friends’s quest to hook up with girls, and Notti and Takefumi dating situation. If this is a metaphor, well, it kinda works. I mean dating, hooking up, or basically having a relationship is a weird situation that you have to go through.

I do have favorite stories though, like the first story called Little Nataru. Any kid could relate to it, even I was able to relate to it. The story is basically a little girl and her imagination. Another that I like is Takefumi’s dream, where he tells his one dream where Notti was asking her to dance. The dance sequences is something that I like for sure. I can see it as Takefumi trying to understand and go through the notion of his relationship with Notti. And the last one that I liked is Notti’s dream, as weird as it sound the music is quite awesome to listen to.

There are familiar faces in this movie too. Considering this was released in 2005, a couple of the actors featured in the movie have already cross to Hollywood movies. Like Rinko Kikuchi, who played the Class President, Ms. Kikuchi, in the segment Home Room. She played roles opposite Keanu Reeves in the movie 47 Rounin as the witch. She also played as Mako Mori in the movie Pacific Rim.

Another actor who has roles in an American Film is Tadanobu Satō who played one of the Guitar Brothers, Masaru Tanaka. He had a role where he fight along side Chris Hemsworth as Hogun in the movie Thor, and he also played another 47 Rounin character as Lord Kira. I was quite fixated on Tadanobu Satō to be honest, it wasn’t because of the American movies that he was part of but because of this role in Ichi the Killer as the sadistic Kakihara.

Another actor I'm fixated on is Ryô Kase who played Takefumi also have an American film. I have to be honest, I looked him up and found that he have a role in the movie, Letters of Iwojiwa which I have been planning to watch for the longest time.

One actress that I looked up is the pretty Erika Nishikado. Unfortunately, she only had two movies under her belt, both released in 2005.

As per the title, this is one symbolism that I do not get. It could apply with the fact that there are alien creatures in the movie and these alien creatures are making contact on Earth. Or maybe the viewers are the ones making contact by watching this movie. Or that life is basically weird and this is just weirder. Other than that I couldn’t think of any reason why it is called Funky Forest.

Would I recommend this? No. Unless you have 2 hours and 3 minutes to spare and want to watch random stories about relationship, aliens and other weird stuff, then go ahead and watch this. There are some good stuff in it, maybe it’s not the best but something that you may relate to in a weird way.

originally posted: March 21, 2015


This is a random kind for me. I trusted it to be good for the fact that Samuel L. Jackson is on it.

The story follows a girl named Sawa (played by India Eisley) that swore to avenge her parents’ death and started to one by one assassinate members of a meat trading organization (aka human trafficking). Sawa is being protected by a police officer named Karl Aker (played by Samuel L. Jackson).

The flow is of the story is quite dark. And I don’t know if I was simply corrupted but I always feel that someone might get raped in this movie but maybe it’s because of main crime featured. And just to tell you now nothing like so happened and no brutal violence against women either, which is quite refreshing. I mean some movies have to put that in a scene when they can simply make the audience feel that or just lead them to the idea.

Just to share, when the end credits rolled out, it stated that the movie is based on a story written by Yasuomi Umetsu. I had a feeling the it's based on an anime. i searched and found the anime version of Sawa and thought 'wait, that's hentai...' and after a few seconds i asked myself 'why the hell do i know that!’

I looked around and saw that Sawa (in anime) had a cameo appearance in another Yasuomi Umetsu story called Mezzo Forte. And I have to admit I have seen the second half of Mezzo Forte just once. I really don’t remember Sawa in it but the animation style is very similar. I am actually in search for all works of Yasuomi Umetsu. I know there are hentai tendencies but sometimes, much like Kite, you can remove the hentai parts and the story would still run on its own.

originally posted: December 9, 2014