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Very Bad but...

Im not pleased to say that Saruna WILL NOT BE ABALE TO CONTINUE THE CURRENT FAN FICTION. The reason will not be not be explain by me if she wants to then fine. Now the "but" is that i will might have someone writing Tatsuya's part not Saruna but she will be somewhat good.

P.S. Yowai's part might not be out for maybe a month and Top 5 will be returning in a week or 2

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Backstory Yowai pt. 1

Yowai Age: 13 Stats: beaten al most every day hair: rainbow eyes: rainbow. Yowai ran from the shop manager he'd stolen food from. "Hey you stop! I promise that I won't hurt you in anyway, shape, or form!" The shop manager yelled at him. ...

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Hahaha Surprise Yowai part 2

I told my partner i wouldn't get it this up till the weekend, but here it is! I didn't even think i'd get it up till the weekend but here it is! I watched Tat walk...

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