I'm pissed... Cha!

For those of you how know, I graduated from college this past May. And I was so excited to be the first person to graduate from my college with bright pink hair. The ceremony didn't go so well as I was the last person to walk do to alphabetic discrimination. Someone with a bad case of ID 10 T forgot to grab their diploma so everyone else got one off, so being last I had to walk out without a diploma and later go back and get it off the stage after the ceremony (I was urked that day, but I didn't blame the college for that). But today, I just got my class photo and the college photoshoped my awesome pink hair to be blonde (after 4 and half years of hell, their had to ruin the one thing that I had control over), I'm so pissed, I need to hit something. I think I'm going to go to the batting cages and picture each ball that I smack as that "college".
Rant over... carry on