Konnichiwa!!! I think thats how you spell it. Anyway this is my world and since it's my world I'll be talking about me and I'll add pictures and stuff to make it colorful! If you have any opinions just comment and it's your opinion. I hope you like it so enjoy! I also LOVE cats so you know meow! (=^^=)

my crazy adventures!

Hello my wonderful bunnies! Today I'll tell you my struggle to go to the park..3 miles away. It's not that bad but the heat is bad! I live in Texas and the heat there is sometimes unbearable! I decided to ride my bike and that was a mistake. It was faster but I had many problems going there. I am a very clumsy person. I am basically wrapped in bandages. So getting there on my bike I fell 5 times! 2 going there and 3 going back. While coming to the park there is an intersection and I crossed it but I went to fast. Going to fast I saw a bump and hit the brakes too late which resulted in me falling and flying off my bike. I got up kept on riding my bike and it happened again! I went to the park came back 2 hours later and I was going to cross the same intersection when I noticed many cars on each lane (4 lanes). They let me go pass and when i started riding my bike i missed the pedal with my foot and fell. I got up waved a bit and missed the pedal again! I was so embarrassed I got on watched my step and rode really fast. To my luck there was another bump and guess what? I hit it and flew off my bike! I ended up going home with 2 huge bruises and many cuts. I also saw a dead animal! It was all crushed up So my little clumsy life ends with today when I thought I was a ninja and started to kick high in the air and I jumped in the air and got my foot stuck in a trucks thing in between the tire and car well it was there and it hurt like crazy! I ignored the pain and several hours later while taking a shower I noticed this huge hideous bump on my leg. It was so scary! Now i'm all bandaged up and writing this at 11 pm not that late but you know I sleep like a log so goodnight! I hope you have the sweetest dreams!


Today was the first day I came back to school ever since the trip and it was a pretty good day. All my friends thought I was not coming back since what happened in October and were scared so when I came back they were all so happy and I got all these warm welcomes. Well not all of them were warm. Well I have this so called "best friend" and she didn't seem that happy but whatever sometimes stuff happens. Well it was such a good day until the end of the day and I was walking to my bus this random guy smacks me in the back of my head! I am one to not ignore and I turned around and started yelling at him and I punched him several times before he slipped and ran, I just turned around to keep walking and one of my friend goes " Aren't you bus 680? Your bus just left!" I looked and it drove away. I almost blew my head off cuz of the anger. I didn't know what to do. I have no one to take me home I'm all alone who's taking me home!! then as it left I decided I had to walk home. By car the school was only 30 minutes but by walking it was an hour and 10 minutes. I just thought fuck it and started walking. There is this guy I know who teases me alot and saw me walking. He asked why and laughed when I told him what happened. I was already super pissed so I started yelling at him and he threatened to punch me blah blah I chased him away and when I turn around my friends saw it. Take notice my friends think I am a sweet naive girl not a loud,foul mouthed girl who only likes to fight so this caught me off suprise and I walked away hoping they wouldn't say anything the next day. I walked a long fucking journey and half of it was in a forest and I was not ready to be raped and killed so I grabbed a huge rock and started walking. Alot of people were staring at me while I walked for ages! There was even police but no one seemed to care. I almost got ran over as I crossed the street. It felt like years but I reached my home safely and alot of people I knew saw me as I walked home in the scorching sun. I am just ready to tell my story tomorrow at school to my friends. Little note I forgot to add I did see people at the road long story short I got into a fight with one of the guys and had to run for my life thinking I was going to die because it was all forest and one old and cracked up street. I was very frightened and am glad I am here to write it to you guys. Any questions,insults, or comments gladly tell me I'm just happy I was not ran over because it was more than once bye guys hope you all also survuve another day!

hello !

Hello my little cupcakes! I've been so good lately I haven't had time to come to theOtaku. I hope that I will be coming here more often maybe I'll show you how I look someday too! I've always wanted to see how everyone in theOtaku look like! Wouldn't it be fun? I was reading a manga about a girl who was also apart of an online website but she was really popular! But in the manga everyone in the website had set of a date and all met up in a city! It looked so cool I always wondered, but of course everyone here has their own world and probably wouldn't make it I don't remember what the manga was called to recommend so sorry. I hope everyone is doing just fine too, what will you guys be doing over the weekend? Im going to California for a wedding and I'm so excited to ride my first plane it will be so fun.I always go online like at 1. Today at art this guy told me I always have a blank expression on my face, he told me to look at a mirror and talk so I did and it was true! I looked likei had no expression at all. I couldn't help but laugh and he laughed and I punched his throat. He wouldn't shut up about it, it kinda got me annoyed 😜 he says I'm too violent but I mean its been a while since Ive done any real violent things. So I hope I'll post more stuff later ! Bye love you guys 😘

my life up until now

So life has been going a bit well. I've shared stupid things here like who i like and stupid stuff like that but today I'll be sharing about one experience I had recently. So if you would know me in real life you'd say I was a really nice girl,very loud very friendly and just your run of the mill ordinary girl. I am not anything normal sadly. I have been diagnosed with depression and that I show some personality disorders. Not really fun, it was recently discovered after I went to a mental facility for two months straight. Of course, it was not my first time being in a mental facility but it was a different one then the ones i was in before. They were actually nice and cared for their patients. I was their as an Inpatient which meant I practically lived there. To be honest it was really fun being there. I was there for reasons a young girl shouldnt be there for. 1 is they found out that I had tried to take my own life 7 times and succeded in some attempts but was revived. Rasons why I did that was stuff that was inhuman what I was surrounded in. I was always called a devil but I didn't care and actually played along with it. Bullied of course but never tried to take my life for those stupid kids can get a pleasure knowing I died and was revived because of them. 2nd reason was because i was extremely violent and was dangerous in the world. When I was in sixth grade I was trained to kill people by a person. I never ever killed someone I was not going to be controlled. I can't say that I have never hurt someone though um I kinda did stab three people and was in huuugggeee trouble!! so embarrassing i was caught >.< um I have been in fights recently with guys who are actually willing to punch a girl in the face...I won all fights but I didn't mean to!! It was cause they went up to me and started hitting me to see if I'd hit back..and i did. um hehe yeah the hospital was a bit cautious towards me and I did get into fights while I was in there. Slapped a girl in the face, several times. But recently I have been diagnosed with an eating disorder. Anorexia and Bulimia. It got so bad that the doctors had told me that if I dont eat I'd die in less than two months so you know they forced me to eat. Now I am recovering greatly and I feel much much better than before. It felt nice to share this small slice of pie called my life heehee. Alright guys bye Love you!! Wish you guys the best!

I found another one ^^

I found another one he is so cute!!!!
*sigh* I wish he was mine!!!