A Tribute to Cloud Strife...

A New Play Art Figure

Cloud Strife is getting a new Play Arts Kai along with Tifa, Barret, and RedXIII.

Cloud in Final Fantasy Explorers

Cloud appearance in Final Fantasy Explorers as feature character.

Cloud new costume for G-Bike

Support FF Type-0 for Vita!!!

We need to show SE who actually asked for the game.

A New FFVII Spin off!!! And Theatrhythm CC DLC

Square Enix has announced another FFVII Spin-off! Which is Final Fantasy VII G-Bike! As you might have guessed it, it's the same FFVII Motorcycle mini-game BUT with better graphics. Here's a trailer:

P.S: I've almost forgot what Cloud looked like...

Cloud's Advent Children costume has also been announced(not at E3) as DLC for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call.