Zeikery, Take One (School)

Title: Zeikery, Take One (School)
Author: Kyrianne
Series: Despero Occult
Character(s): Zeikery, mostly
Rating: PG13 for language and a little teensy bit of blood
Disclaimer: I OWN EVERY PART OF THIS THING, HAHA. So don't you dare steal it. D<
A/N: So yeah, Cairo IS my manself, but he isn't supposed to be some stupid self-insertion love with the main character sort of thing. Really, he ran off in a completely different direction than what I thought my masculine side should be like. XD; He's more like... my louder, shallower, sluttier twin brother than anything else. And sadly, I think he's girlier than I am. :X
So please, no "OMG HES SUCH A MARTY STEEEEEEEEEEU" comments. (Has any girl ever actually made a self insertion character like this before, anyway? XD; Plus it's not like Zeikery even likes him. So yeah, whatever XD;)

Basic background information for those of you who don't know: Zeikery, along with his entire family, is a demon hunter. He's gifted with a "sight" of sorts, and he can see through demons' active camo stuff (I've been playing Halo too much, haha). He's generally a very angry person, because he doesn't like that he has to kill things almost daily. And he's extremely rebellious and hates any kind of authority at all, especially when they try to force rules on him. Yeah, I think that's about all you need to know.


"Zeikery, I'd like to see you after class."

The last rings of the bell taunted the tall brunette, like peals of musical laughter. He clenched his teeth and turned slowly around. She's a teacher, I can't hurt her, he forced himself to remember, and he snapped, "Just get on with it, I have places to be."

"Zeikery..." the teacher began in her soft, deep French voice. "I'm sure you know why I stopped you."

The corner of his lip raised unintentionally in a grimace of disgust. "He fucking came on to me!"

"That doesn't give you leave to deliberately hurt another student. And I'm sure it was a misunderstanding anyway."

Incredulous, Zeik slammed his palms down on her desk, livid. "IT WAS CAIRO, OF COURSE HE CAME ON TO ME! YOU CAN'T SAY YOU DON'T NOTICE HOW GAY HE IS?!"

Seemingly unfazed, the teacher simply pushed her glasses up on her nose with a prim finger and retorted calmly, "Some people may be different, but it's important that we treat everyone with respect. Your action of throwing Cairo into the wall today was completely uncalled for and highly discriminatory. Frankly, Zeikery, I'm disappointed in you."

"If I didn't throw him off, he would have started drooling on me or some shit."

"And clean up your language, please. I don't appreciate such vulgar words."

A rebellious smirk twisted Zeikery's mouth. "Like I fucking care what you think."

The teacher's mouth pushed into a hard line, her eyebrows pulled together in a frown. "You're getting an extra detention for that, young man."

Zeikery's smirk just turned into a grin as he turned and stalked towards the door, his head tipped to the side so he could shoot her a quick reply before leaving. "Like I said, I don't fucking care."

He turned the corner, and he knew the teacher wouldn't be following him; she was all bark and no bite. He doubted she would even actually write him up. She never had, anyway, even with the innumerable times he'd been disruptive or violent in class.

As soon as he was sure he was out of sight, the grin sunk off of his face, replaced with the grimace from earlier. God, he hated French. Well, that wasn't all true; he hated school, and every single class, but French was definitely the worst. At least in all his other classes he didn't have to deal with Cairo.

Cairo, notorious for being the school's gay guy, had all but made it his personal mission to push his sexuality in everyone's faces (specifically the guys'). Once he decided he liked someone, he was like a stray mutt that followed you home -- almost impossible to get rid of. And the current object of Cairo's affection? That would be Zeikery. He was all chatter and giggles and innuendos the moment Zeikery even set foot in the same room, and if Zeik wasn't careful (and he hadn't been in the past), Cairo might even try to sneak in a quick smack to the ass. Needless to say, it was one of the most annoying and embarrassing things that Zeikery had ever had to put up with, and he was really starting to not only hate the guy, but fear ever seeing him, either.

Trying not to think too deeply about what happened today (besides, of course, engraving in his mind that he should burn these jeans and maybe take 10 showers), Zeikery meandered slowly down the deserted hallway, shoving his hands unceremoniously into his pockets. He started a little as he felt something jab into the soft skin of his left palm, and he pulled out the object, curious as to what he had forgotten was there.

It was his pocketknife; one of the smaller blades had somehow been flipped open. A quick glance at his palm told him that he was, in fact, bleeding; a small cut, maybe half a centimeter long, oozed blood in fast streams down his hand. He raised it to his lips and rasped his tongue against the cut harshly, wincing as it started to sting. Clicking the blade into the knife and shoving it quickly back into his pocket, Zeikery grasped his hand and tried to stem the bloodflow as he made his way back to his locker.

It wasn't too far from the French room, and it only took him a few more seconds to get there. Holding his injured palm skyward, he awkwardly tried to dial his combination with his right hand (being left-handed was such a nuisance sometimes). A few well-placed kicks and curses later, his locker was open and he was digging through the mess at the bottom to try to find his emergency medkit.

People had always given him strange looks for owning such an odd commodity, but Zeikery felt safer knowing he had his own stash of bandages rather than have to trust the school and their incompetent nurses. He knew for a fact that one of them was a girl who had graduated a few years ago and hadn't been able to get a job, and the other was just some freshman kid's mom. Neither of them were fit to deal with the sort of injuries he received on a regular basis, that's for sure.

He wound out a long strip of gauze and bound his hand tightly, sighing as he realized he probably wasn't going to be able to write for the rest of the day, much less handle his pistol if he stumbled across a demon on the way home. He made a mental note to bum a ride off of his older brother Eli as he grabbed a battered green notebook from his locker before slamming it shut. The metal clang reverberated through the empty hallway.

"Geometry. Fucking joy," he muttered to himself as he stomped off to his next class, more than a few minutes late. Not that it mattered; he already had an F in that class, anyway.


A/N: Such AAAANGER! =A=; Haha, don't worry, he gets over it eventually XD;
This was actually kind of fun to write. I basically just started writing, without any idea whatsoever what it was going to do -- I haven't written that way in a long time, actually. Usually I at least have some idea of how I want a story to end. OTL"
This was barely edited, so forgive me if there are any mistakes.
Also, I was inspired to do this because of the Smexykazekage's story with her character, Jach the Ripper. (Look at those links go!)