This is a World i thought i would create in oder to get started getting involved in the Worlds things. I named it Developing Realm because that just what this is for. Developing the World itself, but also for people with developing ideas for anime or other things. if you got a problem, come on in as well, maybe someone here can help you out.

P.S. Oh and by the way..... I am NOT A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!


well, the rooms have started. man, these things are just cool. and on the site with my fellow Otaku. man, makes me feel wanted ..... lol, jk.

anyway, ppl, enjoy the rooms and maybe we can talk some later. comment!



Can you guys believe it?! the chat rooms start up TONIGHT!!! man, this is gonna be awesome. Hey, if you are just checking out this World, please just comment saying hi or something. i mean, im talking to myself right now, and i do that enough during my usual day.

Im not even joking about that guys. i seriously talk to myself a LOT of the time. bad i know, but what's worse is i sometimes answer myself when i have questions...

anyway, comment or something, THanks!


First post to get started

Well, here's just a post to get this place started. like i said in the one sentence description above, this is a place of development. if you have any idea or thought, or just questions that could b answered, i will post them on here to be discussed. and please dont worry, it will be anonymous. just comment or message me, and we can discuss about any details before posting. im going to try to be regular on this World, so please be regular participants and viewers.