The RE-opening of Dex's Pub

Well, i said it would take some time before it would happen, and it has been quite a while, but i think we can do it now. Two or three nights ago now, Dex's Pub has been reopened at nights, from the usual time at about 10-10:30PM eastern time. Closing time varies on who all is in the room.

I think we are gonna make a new world called Dex's Pub in order to make new and cool posts about the Pub and its people and events. I think there will be a few short stories as well, about different and random nights from saved chat sessions, but that is only an idea as of now. In doing this tho, It would be a good idea for anyone interested in being apart of the Pub on a normal basis or just close friends with those kinds of people to send in their personal or TheO OC bios. Ill do my best to make sure it stays close to it as i can.

well, for now, thats it. please feel free to comment anything and any thoughts about this.