This will be entirely a trail transition. The name change, the way things are handled, the rules, all these things will be going through some kind of change or modification or another. However, do not be fooled or have too high a hopes, as i am sure some of you are already having, with certain aspects. There will be some things that will remain the same.

Namely the rule that absolutely no alcohol will be allowed. Ever. Period.

I am not sure when this change will fully take place, nor how much is going to be different just yet. But i do promise you that if this trail change does not work out, then the issues will be worked out and fixed to everyones satisfactory. If that means going back to Dex's Pub, then so be it.

There will be many more posts soon to discuss the new ideas and let everyone know when these ideas will become reality. And as always, If anyone has any kind of input or suggestion, please feel free to share them here. And if not here with the public comment system, please feel free to Private Message me and I will do my best to answer you within the day.

-From all of us at Dex's Pub