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Finished fanfictions:

Ryoko's Revenge

The Parody of Haruhi Suzumiya

Unfinished fanfictions:

The Legend of Shaymin


M u s i c

L i f e

Why 1dev13???

All I want for Christmas is a red pen!

.F E A R.

.F E A R.--The story behind the eCard ...

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PGR: Chu Chu!

This is my description for my Gijinka, Axew, enjoy? XD Subject to change--More shall be revealed as the story progresses. (Picture coming soon! :D) --- Pokemon: Axew National #: 610 Title:...

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F r i e n d s

Friends are people you can never forget.
You may have only known them for a day,
But you'll remember them for decades.
Friends can be old or new, each as precious as the richest gold.
You may not remember all their names,
But you'll always remember the silly things you did, and the silly things you said...
Memories...Friends...Family...How could you possibly forget them all?
They're impossible to forget.
Friends are there for you, even when you're sixty-two.

L o v e

Love is one complex thing, indeed.
You can fall into it as easy as you can fall out.
One cannot describe this feeling.
It is a mysterious road, and you are its guide.
If you go one way, you might find love.
If you go the other, you might find hate.
Love is mysterious.
Love can be so strong...

L o s t

W-Where am I? More importantly, who am I? Why can't I remember anything? "Madeline? Where are you?" "Heh." "N-NO! PLEASE!" What is this? "Heh." "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

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