Why 1dev13???

In this brief fan word (fanfiction), I will tell you about my username, or screenname...whatever you prefer to call it!


So, why'd you pick 1dev13?

Well, this goes back...WAY back to whenever Nicktropolis came out, which I'm guessing is sometime when I was 8 or 10. (I DON'T PLAY ANYMORE!!! I HAVEN'T EVEN TOUCHED nick.com FOR YEARS!!!)

So...now that we have that cleared...here is what my username stands for:

1 This is for the unique spelling of my name...that I'm sure no one else has. (Well...maybe somewhere...OVER THE RAINBOW!!! XD)

dev For part of my name. (Which you can probably figure out, but you'll probably never be able to spell it correctly! (I wish there was a girl ninja!!!))

And 13 is for my favorite number, as well as the date that I was born!


Do you have any nicknames?

SEVERAL!!! But here are a few:






Since you love Haruhi so much, how come when you signed up for theOtaku, you didn't choose a more animeish name?

Like I've stated before, I wanted to be unique...so I just kept the same username that I use for all the sites I'm on. It's also short, and easy to remember, right?


Thank you very much for reading! ^-^