Rebirth of Soul

Rebirth of soul...This phrase has a very deep meaning.
Maybe you've come to realize your true self.
Maybe you've changed who you are.
Rebirth: to be born again.
We all know that we can't literally be born again, but we need to go beyond the literal definition of the word.
Maybe you were reborn because you turned away from things that harmed you.
Maybe you were reborn because you met someone who changed the way you look at the world.
Soul: What makes
Think about your soul for a minute.
Imagine if you didn't have one.
You would lose who you truely are.
You wouldn't be able to give your opinions.
The soul is you.
And you can't live without it.
Your soul helps you know the difference between good and bad, and let's you express your emotions.
Love, peace, and joy...Listen to your soul.