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I never seem to remember anyone's birthdays. To be honest, I only remembered Lavi's because he's my favorite character of the series. Perhaps I should make a list and tack it onto my wall...

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Don't read unless you've read up to Chapter 197, or you want me to spoil it for you

Alright, I'm sorry I haven't written all summer. but thankfully, D.Gray-Man is on monthly things. Unfortunately, I'm going to be going to the 11th grade, so my mom's limiting computer/internet usage on anything frivolous.

Why am I so angry at Kanda? Well, the latest chapters have you finding out his past. He had a best friend named Alma that was more like the guy you love to hate, even though he's actually pretty nice. Also, it turns out when he was little, he and Alma were experimented on, researched, part of the Second Exorcist project, and Kanda saw this weird lady walking around, who was in his imagination.

Turns out, the Second exorcist project is transporting the brains of dead or dying Exorcists into artificial bodies in order to see if the compatible Innocence would be carried over to the substitute body. The lady Kanda saw? his past life's memory. Unfortunately, the Order decided that it meant that Kanda needed to be cut from the program.

So, Alma goes and saves Kanda, and gets captured by CROW guys. Kanda is almost killed, but the memory of that woman reanimates him and he gets Mugen to synchronise with himself to escape.

Alma attacks all of the scientists in the Asia Branch, tries to kill Kanda, and says that they can die together. unfortunately for him, Kanda doesn't feel like dying at the time. So he goes and attacks Alma with two deadly blows, effectively "killing" the kid this would explain his insistence at Alma being dead

So, Allen's watching the memories with Road. Then he goes and punches kanda, knocking them out of Wisely's technique, and back to the real world. But, the memories woke up Alma, who was so full of Dark Matter that he essentially became an akuma. Since he's the source of the Third Exorcists, their powers are being fucked beyond repair. Plus, Tokusa's now drowned in Alma's hate, and begins attacking the exorcists and scientists.

The Earl has a way for them to survive: Allen must join the Noah, or everyone dies. Thankfully, Fou, who was summoned by Bak, snapped Allen out of actually thinking about joining. Zhu (remember him?) goes and uses his golem's ability to heal Allen using his own life force.

Kanda tries to attack Alma with his Fifth Illusion, but Allen blocks it and tells Alma to back up. Kanda's Fifth Illusion is sublimating with his soul so much that his hair's turning purple. It also affects allen badly. As Alma (again) tries to attack Kanda, Allen stops him and askes why he (Alma) won't forgive Kanda. Alma replies while crying that, "As long as Kanda is still alive, I..." He stops, and it's noticed that the regenerating ability has reached their limits. Allen keeps Alma up, but Kanda tries to get to Alma by going through Allen.

Kanda then blames Allen, saying, "The one who destroyed this branch and made the Third Exorcists into monsters is all your fault, the fault of the man who belongs to the order even those hes a Noah!" While Kanda's still screaming that it's Allen's fault, Crown Clown activates, and Allen attacks Kanda. They continue bashing at each other what else is new until Alma shoots a beam at Kanda, grazing Allen's shoulder in the process. Allen shrugs it off and asks if destroying Alma will fix everything.

Kanda stabs Allen in the stomach with Mugen, and the Earl grins to himself, since the area around the wound from Mugen is slowly changing to the Noah's pigment. Kanda finally regains his senses, and Allen asks him why Alma's making that kind of face, stating that he has no idea. As Allen falls, Reever comments on Allen's body looking like a Noah's. Kanda also calls Allen Moyashi. finally, back to normal

So, Allen's on the ground, his body looking like a Noah's, most of the people there are tired, almost dead, fighting, or observing with interest, and Alma's back up, staring at Kanda, who finally calls Alma by his name.

Before you ask, I'm mad because even with Kanda's horrible past, he's still a jerk. Plus, he stabbed Allen, called him a Noah, and attempted to destroy his best friend. At least, I can sympathize with the last action, but not what he did to Allen. Not unless his anger induced haze was THAT strong.


School read Chemistry is being a bitch. Until further notice, I won't be writing up anymore of these summary things. Plus, they're kinda tedious. Sorry to anyone who actually like these.

A look into Kanda's Memories

Hello folks! Sorry I'm late. If you care Here we go!

Allen is completely confused as to where he is. The pool with the hand sticking out of it? Yeah, well, the person is taken out, and Alma alerts the doctor. The doctor scolds Alma for wearing such light clothes when it's cold there as he takes of his lab coat to give to the person, a drenched Kanda. Allen realizes that bu "Yuu", they mean Kanda, and freaks out. From behind him, Rhode pops up, glomps him, and says they've intercepted Kanda's brain waves as Allen freaks out to her presence.

Meanwhile in the real world, Tokusa is wondering what the hell happened to Allen and Kanda. Wisely says he's not to blame, he only played with Kanda's brain waves. Behind him, Sheryl notes that Rhode has gone with them. Tyki confirms that, and says that, "You guys are so noisy" after the Earl says that Wisely's eclectic.

Wisely then says, "9 years ago, you guys were the only exorcists, right Alma Karma? In Yuu Kanda's brain, there are memories of the past that he shared the time with you. I'll let you get back those feelings you lost."

Zhu thinks that they want to wake Alma, and begs them not to. Wisely retorts that he's a Noah and has no mercy for "you guys".

Back in Kanda's head memories actually, but whatever works, Allen and Rhode watch as Kanda throws Alma into a wall as the Science Department tries to stop them from fighting. Kanda with flames behind him and fangs, ignores them and continues fighting. Eventually, a woman exclaims, "Another fight!"

In the infirmary, she asks how bad the injuries were. The same doctor from before notes that they had bloody noses, bruises and some scratches 3 minutes ago and that they'd recovered completely. The woman, who was head of the China branch (Twi Chan) states that the regeneration ability wasn't for fighting, and that the ones who tried to stop the fight were badly injured. The doctor, who is also the assistant head(Edgar Chan Maltin) says that it wasn't just him.

Someone notes that Alma is acting strangely. He says that Alma wasn't able to control his emotions, and that they are apostle that "save human beings". The head of the science council (Sirlins Epstein) says that Alma should behave properly as an apostle.

Alma says that he's sorry, and "with Yuu, I just wanted to..." by Kanda, who yells, "You creep me out! Always following me like a little stalker! Die! You little XXXX obviously censored!!" Alma starts screaming maybe crying and Kanda starts another fight. The Science department laments this, since the two just got new clothes on, the fights never stop, the two boys never get along, and where did Kanda learn a word like XXXX. Twi just orders them to shut up and stop the fight. As the department does, Twi notes that Kanda has "such dark eyes".

Then we have Kanda, monologuing that he was born in the Asia Sixth Institue deep below the ground. He learned of the war, the akuma everything, and the sole reason he was born, was for "the holy world that was prepared".

Edgar shows other children in pools like Kanda's and tells Kanda that these kids will be apostles like him. Kanda asks "You human beings are born in a hole too?" Edgar says that a baby is born from a mother's womb. Kanda asks what a mother is, and Edgar replies that Twi is a mother. Kanda asks, "So you were born from the branch chief?" Edgar says that the child she bore was his child, and he was a father. Kanda asks what a father does, and Edgar has a mixed reply, but someone asks for Edga's attention, and Kanda turns slightly and hears someone say "Just like us." Behind him is a sillouhette of a woman. When Kanda turns around fully, he sees no one.

As he wonders what just happened, Alma sneezes. Kanda glares at him as he shakes, and Edgar tells Lenny (who's speaking through the golem) that Alma's there. Lenny says that he knew that Alma was "chasing after Yuu again." (Read: Stalking) Alma tries to say something, but Kanda leaves. Edgar yells after Kanda to pay attention. Alma then says "I just wanted to talk with you guys." and ends up crying.

Kanda remarks, probably in his head, " 'Alma' He's a creep. He's always smiling like an idiot... always... in a place like this."

Kanda's next seen being attacked by something, and being observed by the scientists. One of them says it's shock, not a failure, and Lenny says that Kanda's 510 seconds from his rebirth, and in 380, he'll be able to move. Sirlin asks Kanda if he can hear them and asks him to try and synchronize with the innocence again. The others say don't push him, but Sirlin retorts that since it's not a failure, that's amazing. They'd been doing synchro testing for 90 years, and has never been successful. He wants the right results to continue with the second exorcist plan.

Alma is then noted to be 420 seconds away from regeneration. Kanda wonders if Alma's going through the same things as him. He's interrupted by Sirlin, making him try to synchronize again. Kanda mutters, "Damn Innocence" In the next panel, someone announces, "Approximately 580 seconds until the rebirth of Yuu."

Kanda can't sleep, nor get Sirlin's voice out of his head. He walks to the chamber of other second exorcists and notes that it's quietest there. Kanda wants to fall asleep again, noting that world is dark, and is hard to breathe in. As he wonders who he is, the same silhouette appears, and he wonders who that is. He calls out to her, and she smiles at him, but someone tells him to watch out.

It's Alma, telling him to look down. Kanda is running into a pool of water. Alma helps him out and asks what he's doing there. Kanda asks if Alma's stalking him again, but Alma says he was eating and reading. Kanda wonders if that was Alma's room, but then asks about the woman he saw. Alma asks what woman, and Kanda retorts that he saw a woman in front of him.

Kanda notes that the woman is gone, and Alma asks, "Could it be... Ouch!" His arm after his elbow falls off, and Alma apologizes, saying that he's weak from Synchro testing and asks if Kanda is okay. Kanda says he's fine, but his arm falls off too, eliciting many curses (censored, again).

The two decide to sit there and wait to heal. Awkward silence ensues. Kanda asks "What did you mean 'Could it be'?" Alma says he thought it was a ghost. Kanda tries to leave, but Alma grabs a lock of his hair saying there was a ghost there, named Pho (Maybe Fou? Sound familiar?), and looks like a cute girl. Alma recounts that he met her once after a particularly painful testing. Alma asks if Kanda was crying, Kanda says he wasn't, and a grinning Alma asks if Kanda was comforted by her.

Kanda says he wasn't and kicks Alma. He says, "Don't get do friendly! You make me sic! Always smiling like an idiot! Alma kicks him back, saying, "You're one to talk! Always scowling like a pessimist! And here I was thinking I made a new friend! Too bad you're such a killjoy!" The two fling their jackets off, and punch each other, causing themselves to begin to bleed from just about everywhere. The two call for a time out, lying on the floor bleeding, and began to laugh.

Kanda monologues, "This world is dark... and it's so hard to breathe, but in this instant, when I laughed along with you, I felt that breathing just got a little more easier." On the floor, Kanda demands that Alma stop laughing, but Alma tells the pessimist to shut up, and that he can't help it. The monologue continues, "Alma, it was 193 days later... that I destroyed you."

No idea if you care about my opinions, but I found this chapter funny. We get a glimpse of a younger Kanda, and he's just like his future self. *snicker* I enjoyed the part where Alma yells that Kanda's a killjoy and pessimist, because let's face it, Kanda's the biggest one in the entire series... except Leverrier. and Chaoji I'm wondering about what's going to happen next, and I assume that the scientists will be to blame for this, because Sirlin just annoys me. One can only hope Edgar and Twi aren't gonna die because they seem like the nicest scientists in the Branch.

On a random note, I think these are becoming more detailed. Anyone care to agree or disagree?

Kanda's Past and the 14th's Intentions

Alright, this is late, since I read the chapter on like... Thursday, and I've been watching/reading Fairy Tail. Now then, onwards to the chapter summary!

Link is at one of the now annihilated camps. The gas there is so thick that you can guess how many casualties there were. A Crow named Tevak, notes that the Noah spared her. Link asks her what happened to her, as she was struggling in her sleep, and she says she had a dream "Where Brother and Tokusa were being killed by Allen Walker. And then I saw myself killing that Allen Walker." She remembers that the place Allen was in was where the womb was being kept. She says that if that was a vision of the future, the Noah that put it in her head was a bastard. She's about to leave, but Link stops her, saying that as Allen's watchmen, he can't ignore what she just said. She asks what that's supposed to mean, and he answers that he has to put her under surveillance until he knows where Allen is. He then comments that if she's going to help "him", he'll accompany her.

Meanwhile, if you remember, Allen jumped out of an ark gate. Well, he was accompanied by Tyki, and they landed on the Millennium Earl. Allen notices where he is, and asks what's going on. The moment he spots Johnny and Reever, they apologize for getting kidnapped...again.

Allen then spots Kanda, who is just staring at Alma, and asks why he's there, and not at the Jordan camp. Sheryl comments that the camp was annihilated already, and that Allen wouldn't know since he came to rescue Tokusa. Allen asks what happened to Madarao, and Tyki says, "Mercym is taking care of him." Tokusa tells Allen Sheryl broke his legs without touching them. Sheryl tells them that every human in the room is under his power, that he is a sadist, and that if they don't want to see their comrades is hideous figures, they'd do as he says. Allen asks if Sheryl is telling them to shut up and die, but Sheryl tells him that Noah would never say something so "boring".

Sheryl then reminds Tyki and Allen that they are standing on the Earl, and Tyki comments that they wanted to retrieve Allen. Allen asks why, as he is their enemy. The Earl then grabs Allen and says that he will never return to the Black Order, and that Allen is not the Player, but the 14th himself. The Earl admits that he was fooled by Allen's clown antics.

As the other Order members are shocked, the Earl comments that akuma are his eyes, arms, and feet. He then tells Allen that the 14th called to him through the akuma (the Good Morning). He also says that it was shocking. Allen says he never did any of that, but the 14th wakes up and says that that was correct. The 14th wanted the Earl to know he was back. Quote: "I knew you'd come for me, brother... This time I will kill you, I will kill you and become the Millennium Earl!"

The Earl asks if that's the 14th's wish. Allen takes control of his body back and yells that he's not the 14th. As his boy disintegrates, he remembers that Cross said that the memory of the 14th will eventually take over the victim, turning him into the 14th, and making him kill people important to him. Allen headbutts the Earl, screaming, "I DON'T WANT THAT!" As the Earl moans, "My head... <3" Allen tells the Earl and the 14th that he's Allen the exorcist, and he'd die before becoming anything else. He also comments that those two should take their sibling squabbles out on other people, because it's a nuisance. Wisely comments to Road that Allen's an interesting person.

Kanda, with sword drawn and Road's doll form hanging by his teeth, nearly cuts the Earl, but Tyki blocks the hit. Sheryl freaks out at Road's predicament, and asks Wisely what he's doing. Wisely retorts that he's not a swordsman. Allen kicks the coffin Sheryl was on, and grabs Tokusa. He then asks Kanda is he was able to move. Kanda asks if Allen has a problem with that, and Allen replies that it annoys him that Kanda was immobile the whole time.

Kanda comments that he woke up there after his head got smashed in (by Wisely), and it took him a while to figure out what was going on. And why he took Road (doll form)? He wanted a hair tie since her brother broke it, so he took her ribbon. Just as they (Allen, Kanda, and Tokusa) try to escape, the pipes come up from the ground and blocks the exit, courtesy of Sheryl, who comments that they meant it when the Earl said the 14th would not be returning to the Order. The Earl says that he will force the Order to abandon him, and that they'll hold a party for his expulsion.

Kanda asks who Alma is, shocking everyone who knows about Alma and Kanda. The Earls asks for a repeat, and Kanda does. All the Noahs stare at Wisely, who wonders why they're staring at him. Bak wonders if Kanda doesn't Alma due to his appearance, but Zhu says that there's no way Kanda could not recognize Alma. Road tells Kanda that the figure is Alma, who he killed 9 years ago, but Kanda squeezes her head and says, "He's dead." Road tells him that Alma survived, and the Order hid him, blamed him on Kanda, and used the "sacred war" as an excuse, implanted akuma nucleus in Alma, and turned him into a living doll. Meanwhile, Kanda's threatening Road to shut up, but she doesn't.

When Road's done, Kanda crushes the doll to bits, and stabs it. Road asks if Kanda is glad to see Alma, and asks if the woman who made him slit Alma had something to do with this. Allen tells Kanda to calm down, that those attacks don't affect Road, that the Noahs are trying to provoke him, and they need to rescue everyone. Meanwhile, Road's doll returns and says that if Kanda cacn't believe it's Alma, then they'd let Alma prove it. Under Kanda and Allen, Wisely's demon eye appears under them, and Wisely says that he'll use Kanda to wake Alma. Kanda and Allen looks at it, despite warnings from Tokusa, and they disappear.

The next image is of Alma, who asks if "you're awake". Allen raises his hand, but Alma seems to ignore him. As he wonders where he is, and where Kanda is, Alma says, "You know what! They call you 'Yu'." Allen turns to Alma, who says that they call him Alma, and the pool Alma's kneeling in front of has a hand sticking out of it. The final panel has Alma saying, "Happy birthday Yu!"

The 14th is weird. He wants to kill the Earl, to become the Earl? Weird. Sheryl amused me here, because he really did mean shut up and die. I'm wondering if Kanda really doesn't recognize Alma, but maybe it's a defense or something. Part of me wonders if Allen is in Kanda's mind, but it could be Alma's too. The hand thing was weird...I should show you the image.

Anyway, I'll see you guys next week, okay? Sayonara!