Hey Guys^^

Welcome to my new world!

In this world I will be making challanges of any kind..All the challanges I will be participating in will be added in this world..The current challange I'm busy with is the 567 drawing challange..

This world is also for individual challanges I will be taking separately in the near future..I hope you guys will like this world becuase this is my last one..Enjoy^^

567 Art challenge

As most of you know I'm currently busy with a 567 drawing challange I hope to be finished in a year or two but as things look now it might take me alot longer then expected..As for my absence the couple of week o months I were gone it really gave me a big kick back but I'm not gonna let it keep me for actually completing this challange...

Here are a new list of names I have completed and I can proudly say I'm still at it..

The list:

1) yuko9kost
a) A winters day
Because}.. I've known Yuko9kost for quite a while now and always impresses me with her wonderfull cards and wallpapers as well as art

2) Hana Ishida
a) Summer shine
Because}.. Hana Ishida is also a very good friend and is nice to everyone, and her art and dedecation to theO and in everything she does says alot about her wonderfull personality..

3) Shineska
a) Time to hit the books
Because}...Shineska is a very special person and her art is very unique and so are her personality

4) Jenuza
a) Balance
Because}.. Jenuza is a very sweet person and even thou she is inactive at the moment she is always missed

5) MaCheriexx
a) For Macheriexx

Because}...Macherriexx is a very loyal and awesome person and she is a very good artist..

6) 15385bic
a) Painting
Because}.. I've known Lizzy (15385bic) For years now and she's always been a good friend of mine and I love her art, one of the artists here I really admire

This is the list for now and it will be updated^^