Dreams or no dreams in the recent days

So what kind of dreams I had in the past days? Or better to say what not. These days I was waking up quite many times and couldn't remember most of my dreams. I don't know, I should make a better schedule. XD

Well anyway here it goes. I remember that many of my dreams were anime or just from my some recent events related. Like in this one anime I dreamed where I was in my school where by some reason my friends played this one game in multyplayer that was a combination of many other games.
So they always kept dieing in the last stage and repeating over and over again from the middle of the game.
And then it got even more weird, but I don't remember that right.

So yeah all in all, it was weird, but not so bad. Other dream I had that I was just kept on waking up, which I did. o_O
Like I had a dream that I will be later with a girl who was my friend from childhood, like it is usually in animes (and they even say that these relationships are the best).
When I woke up I actually figured that I don't have a friend like that. XD

I don't know, there were many things there and I am looking forward of finally having a dream that I will remember well and that I will like it when I get up.^^