Lookie it's me!! lol

A little About Me:

Screen Name : LGA775
Real Name : Werner
Age : 31
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
height : 1.79M
weight: 72.8Kg
DOB : 18th April 1985
Country : South Africa

Biography and History:
I was born the 18th of April 1985 in a very avarage looking house in a big City called Pretoria but originally grow up on a farm with my 2 brothers, mom and dad not so far from where I live now..I Later moved back to the city life after we lost our farm due to financial problems.I didn't had the best school years most people would call pleasent but It wasn't that bad either.I was never bullied phisiclly but mentally alot not only by school mates but also by my two brothers and cousins.I'm not a very social person I would much rather be alone do my own things and do what I love..meaning "Drawing" mostly.I don't like crowded places becuase alot of people at one place makes me nervious and uncomfortable.I never liked Bars, Pubs, And night clubs when I turned 18 back in 2003 becuase for my hate of alcohol.My kind of fun is nature.I do make friends easily but I am very picky on what kind of friends I choose in real life becuase I was stabbed in the back more times I'm willing to admitt..Some day I would love to go back to country life since city life is not really for me..I have moved back and forth more times I can remember becuase some places was just to dangerous to live in. We had a driveby atleast twice with people shooting at our house

In 2008 I moved to the United States for a year to work there since here in my country work is very rare and when you do get a job the paycheck is almost worthless..Over seas is the only place you can get a decent job that pays your depts and making it possible for you to survive..I met alot of wonderfull people in the US and also made alot of friends as well..Will leave my country any time to start over not only the US but any other place then here..

I wont even talk about my love life since here in my country Girls is well I don't even know what to call it but let my just tell you, you stand a better chance to win the lottery...I haven't had a serious relationship ever in my life just a few one night stands, the one without sex since I don't believe in that before marrage and Am very serious about that subject...So my life goes on and this is my life..Fragments of it..

Facebook Page

Likes: Friendly people, Loyalty, Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Dissipline, People with a great sense of humour, Funny people..(Not the movie), Drawing, Colours, Spring, Cars, Nature, Guns and explosives, Flying, planes, Exploring, Finding stuff, Collecting diffent brands/makes of pencils, Sarcasm, People that can stand up for themselves, A good personality, Positivity,

Dislikes: Bullies, Rude people, Assholes, Idiots, People with no sense of respect, Lies, Negativity, Bad breath, Sushi, something that doesnt work right, Waiting, Bad language, Know it alls,

Activities: Martial arts, Gymnastics, Drawing, Working, Annoying my brother, Cars, Music, Supporting friends and family, Facebook, Working out, Enjoying life.

Favourite Anime: Naruto, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Full Metal Alchemist, Aww My goddess, Code Geass, DragonballZ and GT, Digimon, Black Butler, Speed Racer, Bleach, Death note,

Favourite Anime Charaters:Sakura, Ino, Naruto, Asuka, Rei, Goku, Android 18, Winri, Edward, Dexter, Jonny Bravo, Courage, Hinata, Gaara,

My Best Friends here on theO..And old MyO Friends too: And people i admire

sasoriofredsandinnocent heartIyamiNaHamusutaakrokunlittlemissharrietvdr-07Mercury DragonDarkBunnyyikes190Arctic SummerxaosCrimson-Roseakirayuna sanHanawa21Emmz12 omnia1DramaticCheezcake MangaKid Hana IshidaAngel Satina SuperAnimegirl33 fortunecookies 12kisa12 vampirehitsugaya Kasbaarg XkeyofdestinyX littlepooch CelestialSushi Jenuza ACL Productionbyakuyarox1 ekaknr corn Hanako Sho ashio Kachikamac ChiharuKazane CitrusStorm HotRamen2Go009 yumei hearts ucatsworld nezumi kurosakiDistantStar LightFykki ilovetamaki ryukenden ItachiSasuke time lineInsaneGrellLuver hackerblackrose Shimuzaki superstarpanou NeverEatRoses UnknownKeyColorful PaintKlassic Chibi-Ann-ChanFujimori SunaoKirobug AngelBest Dreamgaritoaga2006 Miracle Star19Ryuchu xNotUnderstood AnimeArchAngel Sakaira yuko9kost playitbakinslomo BrunetteReenigrl Enigmatic TurkHifsa

Up coming Dedications (Updated)

Hey guys here you'll find a number of dedications I'll be doing shortly, How ever this may take a while sorry guys I hope to finished each one as quick as possible..

Dedication list:

1) Judai Winchester Angel Heart
2) Keba Si Rota Goddess Sakura
3) vampireBride Saikusa
4) Kitty K.O Close your eyes and feel the breeze
5) BubbleBee Wrong Choices big curcumstances
6) Toyotami Kun Ino
7) Ellenor Mererid Elfine
8) SmallxLady Music for every mood
9) Zuzu Uchiha Skate to the music
10) XxArrancarFanxX Look at me now

This is the first list of friends I'll be doing dedications for I will add a new list after I'm Finished with this one...I'll try my best to finish this as quick as I can..Maybe I should use a different colouring style on these dedications one that takes less time to finish then the no lines colouring...I don't know I might stick to the no lines one instead

Update: I'll start with a new list tomorrow.. It's really an honour and a pleasure to do Dedications for you guys..Hope to draw many more to come..

Hey there guys..

Hey everyone Hope all of you gus are doing okay or great and even fantastic^^ Well with me lol well it doesn't go so great but I know things always gets better in time...

Sorry for not being so active everyone Life kinda sucks for me at the moment or well suck is not really the right word for it...Mmm what els, geez I don't even know what to say anymore its like every day is the same for me or so it seems...

Well I'll be on theO more often now if that helps and maybe try to finish the drawings I'm busy with, Have a bitt of a lack in inspiration you know so I try to force myself to draw but my drawings doesn't came out as I want to if I force myself...Well Since I don't really have anything to say I guess I'll be seeing you guys later before I start talking shit because thats what I do sometimes when I have no news....:) See you guys laterz...Toodles

Here is a Lovely sunset for you guys^^ Taken Yesterday in my Neighbourhood

Hey Guys

Good day/Night everyone sorry for the late post on my situation been a little busy dealing with crap and all so I guess my nerves are begining to cool down or something like that...

Well my brother did came out of Prison on bail so I'm very happy about that..One less thing to worry about for now..He have to sign every monday and friday as part of his bail conditions, should he not sign he can be sent back to prison to wait for his case to be settled..I'm very worried about that because my brother don't actually have a good track record when it comes to time so I hope he understands the curcumstances if he forgets to sign...Other then that i guess things are running okay for the moment..Hope all of you are doing great...

Well thats about if for now I don't really have anything els to say at this point on so I'll be seeing you all later during the week if something doesn't come up again, If so I'll let everyone know...

Fingers crossed for tomorrow

Hey everyone^^ What up? Hope everyone is doing super...Well tomorrow my brother will be releast from prison on bail I really hope he'll get it..I don't know how much the bail will be but money is not a broblem we'll pay as much as it takes..

I had enough bad news to last a lifetime so I hope everything will be okay after tomorrow..I'm sorry I haven't really visited you guys lately i will how ever make up for that after all this shit is behind me..I have drawn a bitt to kill time and to keep me from thinking to much of this never ending nightmare Me and my family has and are going through...

Remember I told you guys my dad has a new job? Well maybe we celebrated to early becuase He haven't received a contract yet..Oh man I hope he'll get the contract soon and sign it..I don't know what they're broblem is because it feels like they're holding us on a line... I am still trying to stay positive though i know things will get better I just can't take this waiting and not knowing what will happen next, its driving my nuts...Well I will keep you guys updated on how things went after tomorrow...Love you guys and thanks for all of your support and friendship...

Till next time

Gotten worse

Hey guys..Hope you're all doing fine...Well I'm fine but not actually that fine if you know what I mean...Well my Brother is send to prison He won't be able to get bail before the 27th october or 7th november...The part that hits me the hardest is the fact that we can't visit him..The name of the prison is Saint Albins... I wish all of this crap is just over but I guess it won't be for the next 2 weeks...I can't sleep well at night becuase I'm constintly worring about my brother...

My dad arranged an Attorny for him so atleast he will make sure he will get bail...I'm so dissapointed in my brother for being so damn stupid after I warned him a 100 times not to do it....Well He's so darn stuborn and never listens to me...Oh brother I hope you're okay... :( just hold on for a bitt longer we'll sort out this crap..