My Latest Reads <3

Well, hello my fellow ficorians!! This week, I'll be lookin at the fic's by's writer 'DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan'. Her stories are fucking amazing!!!! And as the pen name suggests, she is a huge Severus Snape fan!! I have been reading her work for the past week, and so far have only gotten through about fifteen of them. All of the one's that I have read have involved Harry Potter - now usually I don't like him, but the way she describes him makes him powerful and independant. They are also all Dumbledore bashing - if you like dumbledore, then don't read them - same if you like ron and hermione, cause they also get major hate *even though I like hermione, it's good to get a bit of variation*.
Some of the ones that I really enjoyed reading or liked the description of, but never got round to reading them are listed below;
1) Dawning Twilight
2) A Different Moon
3) A Betrayal Too Deep
4) Twilight Hour
5) Going Dark
Here are just five to start you off, but be warned - she has written 75 and counting for you to get enthralled in!!! Well go on!!! Start reading, and don't forget to review her work - as a writer myself, it's always good to know when you're apreciated, and reviews let us know this. HAVE FUN FELLOW FICORIANS!!!