hey everyone, how's the weather? (lol)
it is extremely smokey in california and has been for a while now. just too many fires and perfect wind conditions to push all of the smoke into the central valley ie. where i live -_-;
my parents and i just got home from camping by the coast though, so that provided some relief. it was my first time 'roughing it' as well haha, so it was a wonderful experience. we were right up against the shore, so at night the waves were loud and the wind strong but i thuroughly enjoyed myself. i hadn't been to the ocean in so long...
on our way down, we drove through san francisco. i practically started hyperventilating (sp?) because my mind was stuck on thinking i was going to see miyavi again, as if he lived in san fran and i was going to visit him at his pad or something xDD it was quite amusing in my own wacky little fangirl world. (i saw myv perform at slim's in may during his world tour--AMAZING)
i amost started crying when we got to the more naturally scenic part of the drive--it just hit me how lucky i am living in california, and the world for that matter, where we have all of these beautiful things to see and experience, and i realized i had been taking for granted what i live around when i started wondering how many of you fine otakuites (lol) had ever seen the ocean or san francisco, etc. i went camera-nyappy xD so i'll share some of the best ones in my next few posts.
hmm, i think i'll stop gabbering for now xDD
Elf of Light had this tagging thing on her site, so i'll quickly fill it out...
8 things about yourself:
-i'm terrified of the dark
-i hate hugs, yet long to cuddle with someone
-i enjoy commenting more than posting (haha, it's true i swear)
-i'm a nickle-noser >:} and hate spending money on food
-super seventeen and never been kissed (sorry, running out of idears here...)
-i keep thinking i'll change/end my shy ways, yet i've always been the same
-i still demand myself to believe in fairy tales
-i want to work at disneyland to pay my way through college! xDD