Hey Everyone This world is for everyone..And also open to everyone...We all love Feed back weather its on art, wallpapers, cards or manga..If you love feed back then your on the right place..

What i have in mind for this world is to help everyone who struggles to get feed Back on their Art enc...

I will personally make sure to tell the word out..PLEASE NOTE: that i wont always reply on your Feed Back request the same day...But I will do so eventually..

Here is what you have to do..Its only one step and i will do the rest...:

Just send me the link of the of your Drawing, wallpaper, world enc by (Personal Message) and i will send your request to my friends...All the credit can be giving to my friends...Hope to hear from you guys and all the members on this site...

Hope this World will be succesfull..


hackerblackrose's Drawing

Hey everyone I wanted to ask you guys if you would be so kind to visit hackerblackrose's drawing..She is a wonderful person and most of you might know her already so I will really Appreciate it.. If you have time that is..I know some of you are quite busy..I'm not gonna put the drawing up here other wise some of you might comment here and I want you guys to visit her drawing..If you just vote It will be awesome.. You don't have to comment..

Here is the link to her drawing..Rose's Drawing

Snow's Lullaby

Hey guys Aria Sky Wishes to get more love on her Wallpaper Snow's Lullaby

Please will you guys be so kind to support her..She will highly appreciate itThanks guys you all are awesome..^^

Hey everyone

Hey guys hope all of you enjoy the new year so far..Mine started a bit rough but its getting better..Be on a look out for more new art soon..

Here is a link from One of my friends here Sabriela Hellena's Challenge

Please if some of you will be thoughtfull to join her Challenge..Thanks guys i will dedicate a drawing and send a gift to those who join..^^


Links To DramaticCheescake's worlds and Him/her friends's

Hey everyone here is links to a new friend i met here on theO..Her or his name is DramaticCheezcake..

If you guys will be so kind to look at their Worlds it will be so much appreciated..For those who do i'll give a suprise.....

Here is the Links:

1) Toxic Waters
2) Time Academy
3) Welcome to Dragon Training
4) Welcome to Wonderland

Thanks Guys..I hope this will help DramaticCheexcake..^^


Back in action.

Hey Everyone im now open to help others again..Sorry for the delay after being gone for so long i had to get back in everything hehehe..If you know someone who struggles to get feedback on their art, wallpaper, card, world, Manga or Challange please let me know..And yourself as well please pm me... we all love feedback i know i do..

My art is very low on comments as well but its okay this world isnt about me its about you guys..It feels better to give then to recieve...Some of you know this site already and the others will catch up quick hehe..Well if you want help please just pm me..^^ I'll be happy to help you out..

Much Hugs