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April 9, 2012

I've decided to disable guest posting for this world. I'll put guest posting back on the week of Friendship Day for whoever wants it. If you should ever be in need of a friend, feel free to PM me, or comment on any of the posts below. Friendship isn't an annual thing, it's something to be kept all year round ;)

See you next Friendship Day party!


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friendship means to help without “hesitation”,

to give without “expectation”,

to love without “limitation” and to

remember even without “communication”


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Deadly Rose. Vico to Risa.

Ok this is for you my rose the perfect blend of the elements the beauty the cutie simply the one playing in my mind like a tune you got me in a trance with your smile even if its only for a while your the one I want to dial the one i want to ride with for the rest of my time you brought the light into my life but in less then a heart beat darkness covered me from head to feet like a blanket i think i need a doctor cause ive been giving a deadly doze i think ama overdoze on my deadly rose...

hey guys!

ok so a rumor that isnt true, ruined a relationship i was about to start with this kid that i've liked for he looks at me and doesnt know what to think...but i dont want to talk to him because i dont want to sound just so confused because i dont know why someone would to that to me because i haven't done anything to him and he's marked me because of the rumor...

i just need any sort of advice because my mind is so jumbled right now that i dont really know what to believe...

Everyman thinks his burden is the heaviest

I know you think your in love,
i know you think that it'll last forever,
I know you think that you know all this
i know you think that Im a bitch
You think that Im a bitch for telling you all this
If you got curves, go ahead and rock 'em
If you got a man, go ahead and love 'em
If you got friends, cherish them
If you got beef, stomp it out
But by showin your curves, you'll become vulnerable to playas
By loving your man, it only goes as far as you let him
Learn to cherish, and not to smother
At times, broken ribs dont solve at all

But in this world, I've learned that it usually does
Fuck your haters-Never mind that, fuck yourself, because NO ONE loves their haters.
Stop tryna act like your some big bad hoe,
when your a sweet little girl
Everybody could use a lesson in humility-
But most need lessons in sensibility.
Ey-roll with tha punches, or go down screaming
We all want tha American dream
But some vatos and hynas just wanna get down at do whatever their hearts desire
I never saw nothing wrong with that
After all, we're all really animals
But unfortunatly we were placed with the burden or blessing of knowledge
If we were a little less knowing, would we be happier?
We'd never know.

And this is the fucking worst crap i ever made

Some with humility, others with sensibility...
Because everyman thinks his burden is the heaviest