hey guyss!!!
Welcome to Friendship! everyone is Friendzz here.
Anywayz lol hope u like d sweet posts.
( btw if your friend is angry u can use one of those. I bet he/she will laugh)

Mixture of Friendship

Small anger,
silly fightz,
serious jokez,
sensitive feelinz,
senseless speechz,
million sorryz,
billion thanx,
few questionz,
unlimitd answerz,
no hesitation,
full trust.
Mixture of all above is wat v call *FRIENDSHIP* :-)

Friendship is About...?

4 my sweet n world best loving friends

Friendship isn't about "I m sorry"
it's about "kamine teri ghalti hai" (Bastard it'd your fault)

It's not about "I'm here 4 u"
It's about "Kahan hay nalayak?" ( Where are you idiot)

Its not about "I understand"
Its about "sab teri wajah se hua hai manhoos" (It was all your fault jerk)

It's not about "I care 4 u"
it's about "kamino mujhey chor k kaha jaogey?" (Bastards where are you going leaving me here)

It's not about "Im' happy 4 ur success"
It's about,"chal beta parhnay dey". ( idiot, let me study)

~It is in half hindi but I translated the hindi parts~

problems we deal with.

Just because you want to be a doctor,
it does NOT mean you can't dance.
You can dance just because you love it,
it does not have to be proffesional.

Just because you're in highschool,
doesn't mean you can't live.
you can live while studying,
and also take a break once in a while.

3C's of life

The 3 C's of life:
You must make a choice
to take a chance
Your life will never change.

stuck in a dark room!!

If you r in a dark room,
You find blood everywhere
And the walls are shaking
- Don't worry friend,
U r at the safest place,
You r in my heart.